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Pinpoint (for Chrome)

Link anywhere.

Pinpoint lets you create and share links to specific parts of a page. They're called pins, and they mean instead of leaving your friends lost at the top of a page, you can send them a link that will point them right at what you want them to see. Simply right click on anything you want to link to, and select "Create Pin". A picture, a paragraph, or anything else: Pinpoint takes you there.

Pinpoint is built based on the original Safari extension by Shaun Inman, currently maintained by Karan Lyons, following the proposal for Using CSS Selectors as Fragment Identifiers drafted by Simon St.Laurent and Eric Meyer.

Not Using Chrome?

Check out Pinpoint for Safari (source), Firefox (source) and Opera (source).

Note that Pinpoint is formerly known as CSSFrag.


Pinpoint is a Chrome extension that allows you to link to any part of a page.



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