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A progressive web app that lets you explore MRT and LRT rail routes in Singapore
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RailRouter SG

Screenshot of RailRouter SG

Yes I know, weird name. Following the same mistake I did for BusRouter.SG.

RailRouter SG is a progressive web app that lets you explore MRT and LRT rail routes in Singapore. Powered by Service Worker and works offline.

It's meant to scratch my curiosity itch for comparing the real route lines VS the lines shown on Google Maps, which I personally find too straight and skews the perception of how trains actually travel in the real world. Yeah, kind of like the feeling of being trolled by Google Maps. Get it?

Anyway, these are awesome features available:

  • Real rail route lines, for all train routes, including Sentosa Express line and Changi Line.
  • Checkbox to show Google's own transit layer, so that you can compare.
  • Show station names in Chinese and Tamil if available, besides English.
  • Show location of exits (aka entrances) for almost all stations.
  • Let me repeat, works offline.

That's it.


The real route lines come from OpenStreetMap here:

The JSON files are in data folder. all.json is for all routes and stops, while other files are individual lines.

Here's a sprinkle of yarn magic:

  • yarn - install everything
  • yarn run lines - scrape the lines from OpenStreetMap
  • yarn run lines-all - generate all.json from the scraped lines
  • yarn run exits-all - scrape exits fron and regenerate all.json
  • yarn run wikipedia-all - fetch data from Wikipedia and regenerate all.json
  • yarn run all - run lines, lines-all, exits-all and wikipedia-all
  • yarn run inliner - inline all assets from _index.html to index.html
  • yarn run watch - watch files and run inliner when files changed
  • yarn run serve - run a local server
  • yarn start - runs both watch and serve


Data: © OpenStreetMap contributors and OneMap.

Everything else: MIT

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