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A web app that lets you explore available taxis and taxi stands in Singapore

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TaxiRouter SG

TaxiRouter SG is a web app that lets you explore available taxis and taxi stands in Singapore. Period.

It has very little number of features:

  • List all taxi stands in Singapore.
  • Shows all available taxis in the whole Singapore.
  • Tells how many available taxis around you.
  • Tells how far is the nearest taxi stand around you.

That's it.


This project is first inspired by @uzyn's project: Singapore Taxi Data Visualization. Also following up from his talk on FOSS Asia 2016: Uncovering of an obfuscated public governmental API . Later, releases a new taxi availability API and that marks the beginning of this project.

Read more:


🎤 I gave a talk about it on Singapore JS Meetup.

🌟 Featured on Digital News Asia, Channel 8 News and GovTech conference.



  • Download "LTA Taxi Stop" data from
  • Extract the GeoJSON file to data/lta-taxi-stop-geojson.geojson (assuming the file name is still the same).
  • Run npm run taxi-stands to (re)generate data/taxi-stands.json, to be used by the web app


  • npm i - install everything
  • npm start - runs a local development server
  • npm run start-https - runs a local development server with HTTPS
  • npm run build - builds the production assets for deployment


Data: © Land Transport Authority

Everything else: MIT