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0.22.0 / 2016-08-23

  • Return undefined in .prop if given an invalid element or tag (#880)
  • Merge pull request #884 from cheeriojs/readme-cleanup
  • readme updates
  • Merge pull request #881 from piamancini/patch-1
  • Added backers and sponsors from OpenCollective
  • Use jQuery from the jquery module in benchmarks (#871)
  • Document, test, and extend static $.text method (#855)
  • Fix typo on calling _.extend (#861)
  • Update versions (#870)
  • Use individual lodash functions (#864)
  • Added .serialize() support. Fixes #69 (#827)
  • Update (#857)
  • add extension for JSON require call
  • remove gittask badge
  • Merge pull request #672 from underdogio/dev/
  • Added default value for checkboxes/radios

0.20.0 / 2016-02-01

  • Add coveralls badge, remove link to old report (Felix Böhm)
  • Update lodash dependeny to 4.1.0 (leif.hanack)
  • Fix PR #726 adding 'appendTo()' and 'prependTo()' (Delgan)
  • Added appendTo and prependTo with tests #641 (digihaven)
  • Fix #780 by changing options context in '.find()' (Felix Böhm)
  • Add an unit test checking the query of child (Delgan)
  • fix #667: attr({foo: null}) removes attribute foo, like attr('foo', null) (Ray Waldin)
  • Include reference to dedicated "Loading" section (Mike Pennisi)
  • Added load method to $ (alanev)
  • update css-select to 1.2.0 (Felix Böhm)
  • Fixing Grammatical Error (Dan Corman)
  • Test against node v0.12 --> v4.2 (Jason Kurian)
  • Correct output in example (Felix Böhm)
  • Fix npm files filter (Bogdan Chadkin)
  • Enable setting data on all elements in selection (Mike Pennisi)
  • Reinstate $.fn.toArray (Mike Pennisi)
  • update css-select to 1.1.0 (Thomas Shafer)
  • Complete implementation of wrap (Mike Pennisi)
  • Correct name of unit test (Mike Pennisi)
  • Correct grammar in test titles (Mike Pennisi)
  • Normalize whitespace (Mike Pennisi)
  • Insert omitted assertion (Mike Pennisi)
  • Update invocation of children (Mike Pennisi)
  • Begin implementation of wrap method (Dandlezzz)
  • Update (Sven Slootweg)
  • fix document's mistake in (exoticknight)
  • Add tests for setting text and html as non-strings (Ryc O'Chet)
  • Fix for passing non-string values to .html or .text (Ryc O'Chet)
  • use a selector to filter form elements (fb55)
  • fix typo (Yutian Li)
  • README: fix spelling (Chris Rebert)
  • Added support for options without a value attribute. Fixes #633 (Todd Wolfson)
  • responding to pull request feedback - remove item() method and related tests (Ray Waldin)
  • add length property and item method to object returned by prop('style'), plus tests (Ray Waldin)
  • Added .prop method to readme (Artem Burtsev)
  • Added .prop method (Artem Burtsev)
  • Added Gitter badge (The Gitter Badger)

0.19.0 / 2015-03-21

  • fixed allignment (fb55)
  • added test case for malformed json in data attributes (fb55)
  • fix: handle some extreme cases like data-custom="{{templatevar}}". There is possibility error while parsing json . (Harish.K)
  • Add missing optional selector doc for {prev,next}{All,Until} (Jérémie Astori)
  • update to dom-serializer@0.1.0 (Felix Böhm)
  • Document Cheerio#serialzeArray (Mike Pennisi)
  • Fixed up serializeArray() and added multiple support (Todd Wolfson)
  • Implement serializeArray() (Jarno Leppänen)
  • recognize options in $.xml() (fb55)
  • lib/static.js: text(): rm errant space before ++ (Chris Rebert)
  • Do not expose internal children array (Mike Pennisi)
  • Change lodash dependencies to ^3.1.0 (Samy Pessé)
  • Update lodash@3.1.0 (Samy Pessé)
  • Updates .not(function (index, elem)) (Patrick Ward)
  • update to css-select@1.0.0 (fb55)
  • Allow failures in Node.js v0.11 (Mike Pennisi)
  • Added: Gittask badge (Matthew Mueller)
  • Isolate prototypes of functions created via load (Mike Pennisi)
  • Updates adds JS syntax highlighting (frankcash)
  • #608 -- Add support for insertBefore/insertAfter syntax. Supports target types of: $, [$], selector (both single and multiple results) (Ben Cochran)
  • Clone input nodes when inserting over a set (Mike Pennisi)
  • Move unit test files (Mike Pennisi)
  • remove unnecessarily tricky code (David Chambers)
  • pass options to $.html in toString (fb55)
  • add license info to package.json (Chris Rebert)
  • xyz@~0.5.0 (David Chambers)
  • Remove unofficial signature of children (Mike Pennisi)
  • Fix bug in css method (Mike Pennisi)
  • Correct bug in implementation of Cheerio#val (Mike Pennisi)

0.18.0 / 2014-11-06

  • bump htmlparser2 dependency to ~3.8.1 (Chris Rebert)
  • Correct unit test titles (Mike Pennisi)
  • Correct behavior of after and before (Mike Pennisi)
  • implement jQuery's .has() (Chris Rebert)
  • Update repository url (haqii)
  • attr() should return undefined or name for booleans (Raoul Millais)
  • Update (Ryan Breen)
  • Implement Cheerio#not (Mike Pennisi)
  • Clone nodes according to original parsing options (Mike Pennisi)
  • fix lint error (David Chambers)
  • Add explicit tests for DOM level 1 API (Mike Pennisi)
  • Expose DOM level 1 API for Node-like objects (Mike Pennisi)
  • Correct error in documentation (Mike Pennisi)
  • Return a fully-qualified Function from $.load (Mike Pennisi)
  • Update tests to avoid duck typing (Mike Pennisi)
  • Alter "loaded" functions to produce true instances (Mike Pennisi)
  • Organize tests for cheerio.load (Mike Pennisi)
  • Complete $.prototype.find (Mike Pennisi)
  • Use JSHint's extends option (Mike Pennisi)
  • Remove aliases for exported methods (Mike Pennisi)
  • Disallow unused variables (Mike Pennisi)
  • Remove unused internal variables (Mike Pennisi)
  • Remove unused variables from unit tests (Mike Pennisi)
  • Remove unused API method references (Mike Pennisi)
  • Move tests for contains method (Mike Pennisi)
  • xyz@0.4.0 (David Chambers)
  • Created a wiki for companies using cheerio in production (Matthew Mueller)
  • Implement $.prototype.index (Mike Pennisi)
  • Implement $.prototype.addBack (Mike Pennisi)
  • Added double quotes to radio attribute name to account for characters such as brackets (akant10)
  • Update (Gabriel Falkenberg)
  • add 0.17.0 changelog (David Chambers)
  • exit prepublish script if tag not found (David Chambers)
  • alphabetize devDependencies (fb55)
  • ignore coverage dir (fb55)
  • submit coverage to coveralls (fb55)
  • replace jscoverage with istanbul (fb55)

0.17.0 / 2014-06-10

  • Fix bug in internal uniqueSplice function (Mike Pennisi)
  • accept buffer argument to cheerio.load (David Chambers)
  • Respect options on the element level (Alex Indigo)
  • Change state definition to more readable (Artem Burtsev)
  • added test (0xBADC0FFEE)
  • add class only if doesn't exist (Artem Burtsev)
  • Made it less insane. (Alex Indigo)
  • Implement Cheerio#add (Mike Pennisi)
  • Use "loaded" instance of Cheerio in unit tests (Mike Pennisi)
  • Be more strict with object check. (Alex Indigo)
  • Added options argument to .html() static method. (Alex Indigo)
  • Fixed encoding mishaps. Adjusted tests. (Alex Indigo)
  • use dom-serializer module (fb55)
  • don't test on 0.8, don't ignore 0.11 (Felix Böhm)
  • parse: rm unused variables (coderaiser)
  • cheerio: rm unused variable (coderaiser)
  • Fixed test (Avi Kohn)
  • Added test (Avi Kohn)
  • Changed == to === (Avi Kohn)
  • Fixed a bug in removing type="hidden" attr (Avi Kohn)
  • sorted (Alexey Raspopov)
  • add muted attr to booleanAttributes (Alexey Raspopov)
  • fixed context of this in .html (Felix Böhm)
  • append new elements for each element in selection (fb55)

0.16.0 / 2014-05-08

  • fix make bench (David Chambers)
  • makefile: add release-* targets (David Chambers)
  • alphabetize dependencies (David Chambers)
  • Rewrite data internals with caching behavior (Mike Pennisi)
  • Fence .val example as js (Kevin Sawicki)
  • Fixed typos. Deleted trailing whitespace from test/render.js (Nattaphoom Ch)
  • Fix manipulation APIs with removed elements (kpdecker)
  • Perform manual string parsing for hasClass (kpdecker)
  • Fix existing element removal (kpdecker)
  • update render tests (Felix Böhm)
  • fixed cheerio path (Felix Böhm)
  • use entities.escape for attribute values (Felix Böhm)
  • bump entities version (Felix Böhm)
  • remove lowerCaseTags option from readme (Felix Böhm)
  • added test case for .html in xmlMode (fb55)
  • render xml in html() when xmlMode: true (fb55)
  • use a map for booleanAttributes (fb55)
  • update singleTags, use utils.isTag (fb55)
  • update travis badge URL (Felix Böhm)
  • use typeof instead of _.isString and _.isNumber (fb55)
  • use Array.isArray instead of _.isArray (fb55)
  • replace _.isFunction with typeof (fb55)
  • removed unnecessary error message (fb55)
  • decode entities in htmlparser2 (fb55)
  • pass options object to CSSselect (fb55)

0.15.0 / 2014-04-08

  • Update callbacks to pass element per docs (@kpdecker)
  • preserve options (@fb55)
  • Use SVG travis badge (@t3chnoboy)
  • only use static requires (@fb55)
  • Optimize manipulation methods (@kpdecker)
  • Optimize add and remove class cases (@kpdecker)
  • accept dom of DomHandler to cheerio.load (@nleush)
  • added parentsUntil method (@finspin)
  • Add performance optimization and bug fix empty method (@kpdecker)

0.14.0 / 2014-04-01

  • call encodeXML and directly expose decodeHTML (@fb55)
  • use latest htmlparser2 and entities versions (@fb55)
  • Deprecate $.fn.toArray (@jugglinmike)
  • Implement $.fn.get (@jugglinmike)
  • .replaceWith now replaces all selected elements. (@xavi-)
  • Correct arguments for 'replaceWith' callback (@jugglinmike)
  • switch to lodash (@fb55)
  • update to entities@0.5.0 (@fb55)
  • Fix attr when $ collection contains text modules (@kpdecker)
  • Update to latest version of expect.js (@jugglinmike)
  • Remove nodes from their previous structures (@jugglinmike)
  • Update render.js (@stevenvachon)
  • CDATA test (@stevenvachon)
  • only ever one child index for cdata (@stevenvachon)
  • don't loop through cdata children array (@stevenvachon)
  • proper rendering of CDATA (@stevenvachon)
  • Add cheerio-only bench option (@kpdecker)
  • Avoid delete operations (@kpdecker)
  • Add independent html benchmark (@kpdecker)
  • Cache tag check in render (@kpdecker)
  • Simplify attribute rendering step (@kpdecker)
  • Add html rendering bench case (@kpdecker)
  • Remove unnecessary check from removeAttr (@kpdecker)
  • Remove unnecessary encoding step for attrs (@kpdecker)
  • Add test for removeAttr+attr on boolean attributes (@kpdecker)
  • Add single element benchmark case (@kpdecker)
  • Optimize filter with selector (@kpdecker)
  • Fix passing context as dom node (@alfred-nsh)
  • Fix bug in nextUntil (@jugglinmike)
  • Fix bug in nextAll (@jugglinmike)
  • Implement selector argument of next method (@jugglinmike)
  • Fix bug in prevUntil (@jugglinmike)
  • Implement selector argument of prev method (@jugglinmike)
  • Fix bug in prevAll (@jugglinmike)
  • Fix bug in siblings (@jugglinmike)
  • Avoid unnecessary indexOf from toggleClass (@kpdecker)
  • Use strict equality rather than falsy check in eq (@kpdecker)
  • Add benchmark coverage for all $ APIs (@kpdecker)
  • Optimize filter Cheerio intermediate creation (@kpdecker)
  • Optimize siblings cheerio instance creation (@kpdecker)
  • Optimize identity cases for first/last/eq (@kpdecker)
  • Use domEach for traversal (@kpdecker)
  • Inline children lookup in find (@kpdecker)
  • Use domEach in data accessor (@kpdecker)
  • Avoid cheerio creation in add/remove/toggleClass (@kpdecker)
  • Implement getAttr local helper (@kpdecker)

0.13.1 / 2014-01-07

  • Fix select with context in Cheerio function (@jugglinmike)
  • Remove unecessary DOM maintenance logic (@jugglinmike)
  • Deprecate support for node 0.6

0.13.0 / 2013-12-30

  • Remove "root" node (@jugglinmike)
  • Fix bug in prevAll, prev, nextAll, next, prevUntil, nextUntil (@jugglinmike)
  • Fix replaceWith method (@jugglinmike)
  • added nextUntil() and prevUntil() (@finspin)
  • Remove internal connect function (@jugglinmike)
  • Rename Cheerio#make to document private status (@jugginmike)
  • Remove extraneous call to _.uniq (@jugglinmike)
  • Use CSSselect library directly (@jugglinmike)
  • Run CI against Node v0.11 as an allowed failure (@jugginmike)
  • Correct bug in Cheerio#parents (@jugglinmike)
  • Implement $.fn.end (@jugginmike)
  • Ignore colons inside of url(.*) when parsing css (@Meekohi)
  • Introduce rudimentary benchmark suite (@jugglinmike)
  • Update HtmlParser2 version (@jugglinmike)
  • Correct inconsistency in $ (@jugglinmike)
  • fixed traversing tests (@finspin)
  • Simplify make method (@jugglinmike)
  • Avoid shadowing instance methods from arrays (@jugglinmike)

0.12.4 / 2013-11-12

  • Coerce JSON values returned by data (@jugglinmike)
  • issue #284: when rendering HTML, use original data attributes (@Trott)
  • Introduce JSHint for automated code linting (@jugglinmike)
  • Prevent find from returning duplicate elements (@jugglinmike)
  • Implement function signature of replaceWith (@jugglinmike)
  • Implement function signature of before (@jugglinmike)
  • Implement function signature of after (@jugglinmike)
  • Implement function signature of append/prepend (@jugglinmike)
  • Extend iteration methods to accept nodes (@jugglinmike)
  • Improve removeClass (@jugglinmike)
  • Complete function signature of addClass (@jugglinmike)
  • Fix bug in removeClass (@jugglinmike)
  • Improve (@jugglinmike)
  • Fix and document .css() (@jugglinmike)

0.12.3 / 2013-10-04

  • Add .toggleClass() function (@cyberthom)
  • Add contributing guidelines (@jugglinmike)
  • Fix bug in siblings (@jugglinmike)
  • Correct the implementation filter and is (@jugglinmike)
  • add .data() function (@andi-neck)
  • add .css() (@yields)
  • Implements contents() (@jlep)

0.12.2 / 2013-09-04

  • Correct implementation of $.fn.text (@jugglinmike)
  • Refactor Cheerio array creation (@jugglinmike)
  • Extend manipulation methods to accept Arrays (@jugglinmike)
  • support .attr(attributeName, function(index, attr)) (@xiaohwan)

0.12.1 / 2013-07-30

  • Correct behavior of Cheerio#parents (@jugglinmike)
  • Double quotes inside attributes kills HTML (@khoomeister)
  • Making next({}) and prev({}) return empty object (@absentTelegraph)
  • Implement $.parseHTML (@jugglinmike)
  • Correct bug in jQuery.fn.closest (@jugglinmike)
  • Correct behavior of $.fn.val on 'option' elements (@jugglinmike)

0.12.0 / 2013-06-09

  • Breaking Change: Changed context from parent to the actual passed one (@swissmanu)
  • Fixed: jquery checkbox val behavior (@jhubble)
  • Added: output xml with $.xml() (@Maciek416)
  • Bumped: htmlparser2 to 3.1.1
  • Fixed: bug in attr(key, val) on empty objects (@farhadi)
  • Added: prevAll, nextAll (@lessmind)
  • Fixed: Safety check in parents and closest (@zero21xxx)
  • Added: .is(sel) (@zero21xxx)

0.11.0 / 2013-04-22

  • Added: .closest() (@jeremy-dentel)
  • Added: .parents() (@zero21xxx)
  • Added: .val() (@rschmukler & @leahciMic)
  • Added: Travis support for node 0.10.0 (@jeremy-dentel)
  • Fixed: .find() if no selector (@davidchambers)
  • Fixed: Propagate syntax errors caused by invalid selectors (@davidchambers)

0.10.8 / 2013-03-11

  • Add slice method (SBoudrias)

0.10.7 / 2013-02-10

  • Code & doc cleanup (davidchambers)
  • Fixed bug in filter (jugglinmike)

0.10.6 / 2013-01-29

  • Added $.contains(...) (jugglinmike)
  • formatting cleanup (davidchambers)
  • Bug fix for .children() (jugglinmike & davidchambers)
  • Remove global render bug (wvl)

0.10.5 / 2012-12-18

  • Fixed botched publish from 0.10.4 - changes should now be present

0.10.4 / 2012-12-16

  • $.find should query descendants only (@jugglinmike)
  • Tighter underscore dependency

0.10.3 / 2012-11-18

  • fixed outer html bug
  • Updated documentation for $(...).html() and $.html()

0.10.2 / 2012-11-17

  • Added a toString() method (@bensheldon)
  • use _.each and to simplify cheerio namesakes (@davidchambers)
  • Added filter() with tests and updated readme (@bensheldon & @davidchambers)
  • Added spaces between attributes rewritten by removeClass (@jos3000)
  • updated docs to remove reference to size method (@ironchefpython)
  • removed HTML tidy/pretty print from cheerio

0.10.1 / 2012-10-04

  • Fixed regression, filtering with a context (#106)

0.10.0 / 2012-09-24

  • Greatly simplified and reorganized the library, reducing the loc by 30%
  • Now supports mocha's test-coverage
  • Deprecated self-closing tags (HTML5 doesn't require them)
  • Fixed error thrown in removeClass(...) @robashton

0.9.2 / 2012-08-10

  • added $(...).map(fn)
  • manipulation: refactor makeCheerioArray
  • make .removeClass() remove all occurrences (#64)

0.9.1 / 2012-08-03

  • fixed bug causing options not to make it to the parser

0.9.0 / 2012-07-24

  • Added node 8.x support
  • Removed node 4.x support
  • Add html(dom) support (@wvl)
  • fixed xss vulnerabilities on .attr(), .text(), & .html() (@benatkin, @FB55)
  • Rewrote tests into javascript, removing coffeescript dependency (@davidchambers)
  • Tons of cleanup (@davidchambers)

0.8.3 / 2012-06-12

  • Fixed minor package regression (closes #60)

0.8.2 / 2012-06-11

  • Now fails gracefully in cases that involve special chars, which is inline with jQuery (closes #59)
  • text() now decode special entities (closes #52)
  • updated travis.yml to test node 4.x

0.8.1 / 2012-06-02

  • fixed regression where if you created an element, it would update the root
  • compatible with node 4.x (again)

0.8.0 / 2012-05-27

  • Updated CSS parser to use FB55/CSSselect. Cheerio now supports most CSS3 psuedo selectors thanks to @FB55.
  • ignoreWhitespace now on by default again. See #55 for context.
  • Changed $(':root') to $.root(), cleaned up $.clone()
  • Support for .eq(i) thanks to @alexbardas
  • Removed support for node 0.4.x
  • Fixed memory leak where package.json was continually loaded
  • Tons more tests

0.7.0 / 2012-04-08

  • Now testing with node v0.7.7
  • Added travis-ci integration
  • Replaced should.js with expect.js. Browser testing to come
  • Fixed spacing between attributes and their values
  • Added HTML tidy/pretty print
  • Exposed node-htmlparser2 parsing options
  • Revert .replaceWith(...) to be consistent with jQuery

0.6.2 / 2012-02-12

  • Fixed .replaceWith(...) regression

0.6.1 / 2012-02-12

  • Added .first(), .last(), and .clone() commands.
  • Option to parse using whitespace added to .load.
  • Many bug fixes to make cheerio more aligned with jQuery.
  • Added $(':root') to select the highest level element.

Many thanks to the contributors that made this release happen: @ironchefpython and @siddMahen

0.6.0 / 2012-02-07

  • Important: $(...).html() now returns inner HTML, which is in line with the jQuery spec
  • $.html() returns the full HTML string. $.html([cheerioObject]) will return the outer(selected element's tag) and inner HTML of that object
  • Fixed bug that prevented HTML strings with depth (eg. append('<ul><li><li></ul>')) from getting parent, next, prev attributes.
  • Halted htmlparser2 at v2.2.2 until single attributes bug gets fixed.

0.5.1 / 2012-02-05

  • Fixed minor regression: $(...).text(fn) would fail

0.5.1 / 2012-02-05

  • Fixed regression: HTML pages with comments would fail

0.5.0 / 2012-02-04

  • Transitioned from Coffeescript back to Javascript
  • Parser now ignores whitespace
  • Fixed issue with double slashes on self-enclosing tags
  • Added boolean attributes to html rendering

0.4.2 / 2012-01-16

  • Multiple selectors support: $('.apple, .orange'). Thanks @siddMahen!
  • Update package.json to always use latest cheerio-soupselect
  • Fix memory leak in index.js

0.4.1 / 2011-12-19

  • Minor packaging changes to allow make test to work from npm installation

0.4.0 / 2011-12-19

  • Rewrote all unit tests as cheerio transitioned from vows -> mocha
  • Internally, renderer.render -> render(...), parser.parse -> parse(...)
  • Append, prepend, html, before, after all work with only text (no tags)
  • Bugfix: Attributes can now be removed from script and style tags
  • Added yield as a single tag
  • Cheerio now compatible with node >=0.4.7

0.3.2 / 2011-12-1

  • Fixed $(...).text(...) to work with "root" element

0.3.1 / 2011-11-25

  • Now relying on cheerio-soupselect instead of node-soupselect
  • Removed all lingering htmlparser dependencies
  • parser now returns parent "root" element. Root now never needs to be updated when there is multiple roots. This fixes ongoing issues with before(...), after(...) and other manipulation functions
  • Added jQuery's $(...).replaceWith(...)

0.3.0 / 2011-11-19

  • Now using htmlparser2 for parsing (2x speed increase, cleaner, actively developed)
  • Added benchmark directory for future speed tests
  • $('...').dom() was funky, so it was removed in favor of $('...').get(). $.dom() still works the same.
  • $.root now correctly static across all instances of $
  • Added a screencast

0.2.2 / 2011-11-9

  • Traversing will select <script> and <style> tags (Closes Issue: #8)
  • .text(string) now working with empty elements (Closes Issue: #7)
  • Fixed before(...) & after(...) again if there is no parent (Closes Issue: #2)

0.2.1 / 2011-11-5

  • Fixed before(...) & after(...) if there is no parent (Closes Issue: #2)
  • Comments now rendered correctly (Closes Issue: #5)

< 0.2.0 / 2011-10-31

  • Initial release (untracked development)