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error: Unmatched selector: 's #59

lookfirst opened this Issue May 31, 2012 · 7 comments

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Jon Stevens Matthew Mueller
Jon Stevens

First off, thanks for a brilliant project. I'm using cheerio 0.8.0:

My code looks like this:


The html returned from the $(cols.get(3)).html() looks like this:

Kid&#39;s Ride&nbsp;<br/>Foo&nbsp;<br/>&nbsp;<br/><font color="#000000">Permitted</font><br/>Category - D&nbsp;&nbsp;<br/><br/>\n

When I try to wrap that output back into the outer $() so that I can do more selects on it, this is the stack trace I see:

    at parse (node_modules/cheerio/node_modules/cheerio-select/node_modules/CSSselect/node_modules/CSSwhat/index.js:109:11)\n    
    at parse (node_modules/cheerio/node_modules/cheerio-select/node_modules/CSSselect/index.js:646:18)\n    
    at Function.iterate (node_modules/cheerio/node_modules/cheerio-select/node_modules/CSSselect/index.js:687:42)\n    
    at node_modules/cheerio/node_modules/cheerio-select/lib/select.js:13:20    
    at [object Object].find (node_modules/cheerio/lib/api/traversing.js:7:14)
    at [object Object].init (node_modules/cheerio/lib/cheerio.js:67:44)
    at node_modules/cheerio/lib/cheerio.js:11:12
    at fn (node_modules/cheerio/lib/api/utils.js:246:12)

I suspect it has something to do with the entity (') in there as other similar html without the single quote in it parses just fine.

Matthew Mueller

Hm... I'll look into this. For the time being you should be able to do... $(cols).eq(3).

Matthew Mueller

Oh I see what's going on... it's thinking that the string is a selector and not an HTML string.. strange.

Edit: jQuery does not even recognize that as an HTML string. It handles the response a bit more gracefully though with [].

Jon Stevens

Similar problem with this html:

Eastern States Cup #8-fin&nbsp;<br>Downhill&nbsp;

Results in:

Error: Unmatched selector:&nbsp;<br/>Downhill&nbsp;<br/>&nbsp;

While $(cols).eq(3) works, I still need to parse that line of text and grab stuff from it.

Jon Stevens
$('<div/>').html(cols.eq(3).html().replace(/&nbsp;/g, ' ')).eq(0).children()

I'm no expert, so that is the best I could do. Gross. =)

Matthew Mueller

Okay, I'll make adjustments so that it does not error out, but just to be clear - jQuery returns [] on $('Eastern States Cup #8-fin&nbsp;<br>Downhill&nbsp;').. this is the behavior your anticipating?

Jon Stevens

I vote for making it work correctly... which would be to parse it as if it was living inside a <div>. I didn't write this html, someone else did so I'm stuck with junk html. Right now, it sits within a <td> element. I grab the chunk of data from the td and then I want to grab bits from there. I either need to write my own parser or just assume that it is more html. Given that this project is supposed to be lenient to bad html, I think it should give me a set of elements.

Matthew Mueller MatthewMueller closed this issue from a commit June 11, 2012
now fails gracefully in cases that involve special chars, which is i…
…nline with jQuery (closes #59)
Matthew Mueller MatthewMueller closed this in 5d05333 June 11, 2012
Matthew Mueller

I'm not planning on deviating from how jQuery handles this case. For your use case you could explicitly wrap your input in <div> tags.

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