Cheerio in Production

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Companies using cheerio in production

  • Scraper API uses Cheerio to parse scraped websites
  • AfterShip uses Cheerio to parse the couriers tracking results.
  • Walmart uses Cheerio to host the server rendering of its mobile website
  • Cloudup uses Cheerio to provide a better viewing experience for certain websites
  • Kimono uses Cheerio to parse the scraped websites
  • Courseoff uses cheerio to scrape college course catalogs and schedule listings
  • Iframely uses cheerio to parse specific domains and generic patterns, such as microformats or oEmbed. Plus, to analyze detected embed codes, make it responsive, check SSL support, etc.
  • Higher Ed Careers Canada uses Cheerio automatically to verify details about job postings and to add "nofollow" to links in submitted HTML.
  • Workray uses Cheerio to parse Job Alert emails from Job Boards and extract the job listings, or extract application information from application confirmation emails.
  • BotFactory uses Cheerio to parse wishlists from Amazon, AliExpress as well as couriers tracking results
  • ZenLocator uses Cheerio to strip out JavaScript from customer templates, and in pre-rendering custom dashboard controls.

Libraries Built with cheerio

  • x-ray is a web scraper
  • Backbone.LayoutManager
  • breakdance is a HTML-to-markdown converter that uses cheerio to parse the HTML
  • itteco/iframely is the library behind Iframely
  • fruit-loops Walmart's isomorphic javascript environment
  • CheerioBin run Cheerio and jQuery commands simultaneously
  • AkashaCMS is a content management system which produces static HTML files. It uses Cheerio extensively for DOM manipulation of generated HTML pages before writing to disk.
  • Postxml is a tool for transforming html/xml with plugins based on cheerio.
  • CheerioGetCssSelector Extends cheerio to get a unique css selector for any cheerio element.
  • jsonframe-cheerio brings a crazy simple way to input/output json structured data
  • temme Concise and convenient jQuery-like selector for node crawlers.
  • Jason the Miner harvests data at the <html> mine. Cheerio enables Jason to express simple yet powerful schemas definition allowing DOM element selection, matching and extraction.
  • SeaSite New approach to simple static website generation using jQuery-like selectors. Convenient predefined plugins and tasks solve every-day problems for complex website building.
  • icsd-scraper Retrieves details about professors and courses from University of the Aegean department ICSD to help students to their academic projects. It uses Cheerio for DOM manipulation and data collection.

Feel free to add your company or library using cheerio!

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