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Synchronized lights around the world

CheerLights is an “Internet of Things” project started in 2011 to help teach people IoT. Consider CheerLights a “Hello, World” project to learn IoT protocols, microcontroller programming, and LED light control. CheerLights is a global network of synchronized colored lights. Everyone subscribes to the latest CheerLights color and sets their lights to the same color. The color is either set on Twitter or on the CheerLights Discord Server by anyone.


  1. esp8266_neopixel_strip esp8266_neopixel_strip Public

    This sketch periodically checks the CheerLights color that is stored in ThingSpeak channel 1417 and sets the color of each pixel of a WS2812-based NeoPixel strip.

    C++ 8 4

  2. cheerlights-javascript cheerlights-javascript Public

    JavaScript client library for connecting to ThingSpeak ( ) to get the latest color values for CheerLights ( ).

    JavaScript 3


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