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from uv_handle import Handle2, check, Handle2_close
from async_io import *
import rlibuv as uv
import uv_util
import core
import async_io
# Remember that any handle must be closed after use.
class Timer(Handle2):
def __init__(self, timer):
Handle2.__init__(self, rffi.cast(uv.handle_ptr, timer))
self.timer = timer
self.on_tick = Event() += [self.on_tick]
def getattr(self, name):
if name == u"on_tick":
return self.on_tick
return Handle2.getattr(self, name)
def Timer_init():
ec = core.get_ec()
timer = ec.handles.create(uv.timer_ptr, uv.timer_init)
return Timer(timer)
@Timer.method(u"start", signature(Timer, Float, Float, optional=1))
def Timer_start(self, delay, repeat):
if repeat is None:
rep = 0
rep = int(repeat.number * 1000)
check( uv.timer_start(self.timer, _on_tick_, int(delay.number*1000), 0) )
return null
def _on_tick_(timer):
ec = core.get_ec()
self = ec.handles.get(timer, Timer)
Event_dispatch(self.on_tick, [])
except Unwinder as unwinder:
@Timer.method(u"set_repeat", signature(Timer, Float))
def Timer_set_repeat(self, value):
uv.timer_set_repeat(self.timer, int(value.number*1000))
return null
@Timer.method(u"again", signature(Timer))
def Timer_again(self):
check( uv.timer_again(self.timer) )
return null
@Timer.method(u"stop", signature(Timer))
def Timer_stop(self):
check( uv.timer_stop(self.timer) )
return null
# It looks like this was a brain fart for a long while now.
# # Close is required anyway, because the Timer may have events waiting on it.
# # TODO: on Timer.close, close the .on_tick event handle as well.
# @Timer.method(u"close", signature(Timer))
# def Timer_close(self):
# Handle2_close(self)
# Event_close(self.on_tick) # TODO: this might actually be
# # a recurring pattern here.
# return null