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Wayland bindings for node.js
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These are work-in-progress node.js bindings. I'll supply examples and screenshots when it can be used.

It should work with wayland 1.4.0 and newer.

Task List:

  • Verify that the Proxy::Marshal doesn't leak memory and works properly in every situation.
  • Verify that interface signature handling code is correct.
  • Write some more examples, see whether the new bindings work properly.
  • Verify that everything works.
  • Find a good method for listener to provide the correct proxy.
  • Provide interface parser, for users to access weston interfaces from their apps.
  • Write example for drag&drop and copy&paste.
  • Find some code that crashes, then put the system go into known state instead of crashing.
  • Provide wayland-egl bindings and tune cheery's webgl-bindings to work with wayland.
  • Write a small toolkit that provides every feature provided by wayland.
  • Find nice lib which loads PNG or JPG files in RGBA -format.
  • Write a tiny blitting engine.
  • Fill the task list with more tasks when you know what to do.

Bitcoin address for donations: 19Cjd98dNM4SRoNP1t1qbYunYCz8TgjQAm (node-wayland)

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