C# library to get the latest MTA service status
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Simple C# library to get the latest MTA service status.
Available as a nuget package here: https://www.nuget.org/packages/MTAServiceStatus
or running the command: PM> Install-Package MTAServiceStatus


If you need to get the status per subway line, you can use the MTASubwayStatus class.

var status = new MTASubwayStatus();
var lines = await status.GetLinesAsync();
foreach(var line in lines)
	Console.WriteLine("Line {0} current status: {1}", line.Name, line.Status);
// Displays:
// Line 1 current status: GOOD_SERVICE
// Line 2 current status: DELAYS
// Line A current status: PLANNED_WORK

If you are looking for buses or other trains, you have to use the MTARepository class:

var repo = new MTARepository();
var status = await repo.GetServiceAsync();
var goodService = from s in status.Bus
                  where s.Status == ServiceStatus.GOOD_SERVICE
                  select s;

Console.WriteLine("Currently {0} bus line groups with \"GOOD SERVICE\"", goodService.Count());
//Displays "Currently 4 bus line groups with "GOOD SERVICE""

Available groups available through this class are: BT, Bus, LIRR, MetroNorth and Subway.

I am planning on getting the same process used for subway (per line status versus per group) applied to the other groups in a later release.