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Rageless Rage:

Rageless Rage (Rabia) is a rage comic viewer that automatically pulls
rage comic content from Reddit, houses it in a Google App Engine datastore
and makes it easily viewable and browsable.

I developed Rageless Rage as an exercise to learn how to use Google AppEngine
in an effective manner and to that end, it has definitely helped me out
immensely. However, I have ceased active development on Rageless Rage since:

1) I'm pursuing other ideas.
2) There is a JavaScript implementation of a generic Reddit image viewer
   available at

If you would like to continue development, please feel free to fork Rageless
Rage and deploy it on Google App Engine.

Thursday, February 13, 2014:
After reviewing a lot of this code and getting reacquainted with it, I realize
that it is complete crap. I can assure you that I write far better code than
this now :).