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This is a python IDE based on spyder hosted

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Spyder - Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment

Copyright © 2009 Pierre Raybaut
Licensed under the terms of the MIT License
(see spyderlib/ for details)


        Spyder is a Python development environment with tons of features:
                Multi-language editor with function/class browser, code analysis
                (pyflakes and pylint are currently supported), horizontal/verti-
                cal splitting, etc.
            Documentation viewer
                Automatically show documentation (if available, or source code
                otherwise) for any class instantiation or function call made
                in a Python shell (interactive/external console, see below)
            Interactive console
                Python shell with workspace support (variable explorer with GUI
                based editors: dictionary editor, array editor, ...) and
                matplotlib figures integration
            External console (separate process)
                Run Python scripts (interactive, debugging or normal mode) or
                open a Python interpreter with variable explorer and documenta-
                tion viewer support (a basic terminal window may also be opened
                with the external console)
            File/directories explorer
            Find in files feature
                Supporting regular expressions and mercurial repositories
            History log

        Spyder may also be used as a PyQt4 extension library (module 'spyderlib').
        For example, the Python interactive shell widget used in Spyder may be
        embedded in your own PyQt4 application.

            Python 2.x (x>=5)
            PyQt4 4.x (x>=3 ; recommended x>=4)
	Recommended modules
	    pyflakes >v0.3.0 (real-time code analysis)
            numpy (N-dimensional arrays)
            scipy (signal/image processing)
            matplotlib (2D/3D plotting)
	    IPython (enhanced Python interpreter)
        Optional modules
            QScintilla2 2.x (x>=1) (PyQt4 additional module)
            (QScintilla add support for autocompletion in Spyder's editor
             until it's reimplemented in pure PyQt4)
            pylint (powerful code analysis)

        From the source package:
            python install
    More informations
        Downloads, bug reports and feature requests:
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