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This repo contains the auxiliary files of CHI'17 paper Understanding “Death by GPS”: A Systematic Analysis of Catastrophic Incidents Associated with Personal Navigation Technologies [PDF] (

  1. LINK TO THE INTERACTIVE WEB MAP This web map visualizes each incident with its approximate location and codes. The map is made for demo purposes so it only contains partial dataset. For full coding results, please refer to coding_result.xls. The source code is contained in interactive_map_gps_incidents.html

  2. coding_results.tsv contains the complete coding results. Due to copy right issues, we can't include the full text of each news article. However, we included the title and publication agency in the spreadsheet, which is usually enough for searching.

  3. Search_string_development.pdf provides step-by-step walk through of how we developed, refined and validated the search string that is used to search the news database

  4. Phase_2_codebook.pdf contains the codebook developed by the domain experts that is used to code the news stories.