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from glob import glob
import os
from os import listdir
import os.path
import re
from tempfile import mktemp
def _escapeRegexChars(txt,
return escapeRE.sub(r'\\\1', txt)
def findFiles(*args, **kw):
"""Recursively find all the files matching a glob pattern.
This function is a wrapper around the FileFinder class. See its docstring
for details about the accepted arguments, etc."""
return FileFinder(*args, **kw).files()
def replaceStrInFiles(files, theStr, repl):
"""Replace all instances of 'theStr' with 'repl' for each file in the 'files'
list. Returns a dictionary with data about the matches found.
This is like string.replace() on a multi-file basis.
This function is a wrapper around the FindAndReplace class. See its
docstring for more details."""
pattern = _escapeRegexChars(theStr)
return FindAndReplace(files, pattern, repl).results()
def replaceRegexInFiles(files, pattern, repl):
"""Replace all instances of regex 'pattern' with 'repl' for each file in the
'files' list. Returns a dictionary with data about the matches found.
This is like re.sub on a multi-file basis.
This function is a wrapper around the FindAndReplace class. See its
docstring for more details."""
return FindAndReplace(files, pattern, repl).results()
class FileFinder:
"""Traverses a directory tree and finds all files in it that match one of
the specified glob patterns."""
def __init__(self, rootPath,
ignoreBasenames=('CVS', '.svn'),
self._rootPath = rootPath
self._globPatterns = globPatterns
self._ignoreBasenames = ignoreBasenames
self._ignoreDirs = ignoreDirs
self._files = []
def walkDirTree(self, dir='.',
"""Recursively walk through a directory tree and find matching files."""
processDir = self.processDir
filterDir = self.filterDir
pendingDirs = [dir]
addDir = pendingDirs.append
getDir = pendingDirs.pop
while pendingDirs:
dir = getDir()
## process this dir
## and add sub-dirs
for baseName in listdir(dir):
fullPath = join(dir, baseName)
if isdir(fullPath):
if filterDir(baseName, fullPath):
addDir( fullPath )
def filterDir(self, baseName, fullPath):
"""A hook for filtering out certain dirs. """
return not (baseName in self._ignoreBasenames or
fullPath in self._ignoreDirs)
def processDir(self, dir, glob=glob):
extend = self._files.extend
for pattern in self._globPatterns:
extend( glob(os.path.join(dir, pattern)) )
def files(self):
return self._files
class _GenSubberFunc:
"""Converts a 'sub' string in the form that one feeds to re.sub (backrefs,
groups, etc.) into a function that can be used to do the substitutions in
the FindAndReplace class."""
backrefRE = re.compile(r'\\([1-9][0-9]*)')
groupRE = re.compile(r'\\g<([a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z_]*)>')
def __init__(self, replaceStr):
self._src = replaceStr
self._pos = 0
self._codeChunks = []
def src(self):
return self._src
def pos(self):
return self._pos
def setPos(self, pos):
self._pos = pos
def atEnd(self):
return self._pos >= len(self._src)
def advance(self, offset=1):
self._pos += offset
def readTo(self, to, start=None):
if start == None:
start = self._pos
self._pos = to
if self.atEnd():
return self._src[start:]
return self._src[start:to]
## match and get methods
def matchBackref(self):
return self.backrefRE.match(self.src(), self.pos())
def getBackref(self):
m = self.matchBackref()
def matchGroup(self):
return self.groupRE.match(self.src(), self.pos())
def getGroup(self):
m = self.matchGroup()
## main parse loop and the eat methods
def parse(self):
while not self.atEnd():
if self.matchBackref():
elif self.matchGroup():
def eatStrConst(self):
startPos = self.pos()
while not self.atEnd():
if self.matchBackref() or self.matchGroup():
strConst = self.readTo(self.pos(), start=startPos)
def eatBackref(self):
self.addChunk( '' + self.getBackref() + ')' )
def eatGroup(self):
self.addChunk( '"' + self.getGroup() + '")' )
def addChunk(self, chunk):
## code wrapping methods
def codeBody(self):
return ', '.join(self._codeChunks)
def code(self):
return "def subber(m):\n\treturn ''.join([%s])\n" % (self.codeBody())
def subberFunc(self):
return subber
class FindAndReplace:
"""Find and replace all instances of 'patternOrRE' with 'replacement' for
each file in the 'files' list. This is a multi-file version of re.sub().
'patternOrRE' can be a raw regex pattern or
a regex object as generated by the re module. 'replacement' can be any
string that would work with patternOrRE.sub(replacement, fileContents).
def __init__(self, files, patternOrRE, replacement,
if isinstance(patternOrRE, basestring):
self._regex = re.compile(patternOrRE)
self._regex = patternOrRE
if isinstance(replacement, basestring):
self._subber = _GenSubberFunc(replacement).subberFunc()
self._subber = replacement
self._pattern = pattern = self._regex.pattern
self._files = files
self._results = {}
self._recordResults = recordResults
## see if we should use pgrep to do the file matching
self._usePgrep = False
if (os.popen3('pgrep')[2].read()).startswith('Usage:'):
## now check to make sure pgrep understands the pattern
tmpFile = mktemp()
open(tmpFile, 'w').write('#')
if not (os.popen3('pgrep "' + pattern + '" ' + tmpFile)[2].read()):
# it didn't print an error msg so we're ok
self._usePgrep = True
def results(self):
return self._results
def _run(self):
regex = self._regex
subber = self._subDispatcher
usePgrep = self._usePgrep
pattern = self._pattern
for file in self._files:
if not os.path.isfile(file):
continue # skip dirs etc.
self._currFile = file
found = False
if 'orig' in locals():
del orig
if self._usePgrep:
if os.popen('pgrep "' + pattern + '" ' + file ).read():
found = True
orig = open(file).read()
found = True
if found:
if 'orig' not in locals():
orig = open(file).read()
new = regex.sub(subber, orig)
open(file, 'w').write(new)
def _subDispatcher(self, match):
if self._recordResults:
if self._currFile not in self._results:
res = self._results[self._currFile] = {}
res['count'] = 0
res['matches'] = []
res = self._results[self._currFile]
res['count'] += 1
'start': match.start(),
'end': match.end(),
return self._subber(match)
class SourceFileStats:
_fileStats = None
def __init__(self, files):
self._fileStats = stats = {}
for file in files:
stats[file] = self.getFileStats(file)
def rawStats(self):
return self._fileStats
def summary(self):
codeLines = 0
blankLines = 0
commentLines = 0
totalLines = 0
for fileStats in self.rawStats().values():
codeLines += fileStats['codeLines']
blankLines += fileStats['blankLines']
commentLines += fileStats['commentLines']
totalLines += fileStats['totalLines']
stats = {'codeLines': codeLines,
'blankLines': blankLines,
'commentLines': commentLines,
'totalLines': totalLines,
return stats
def printStats(self):
def getFileStats(self, fileName):
codeLines = 0
blankLines = 0
commentLines = 0
commentLineRe = re.compile(r'\s#.*$')
blankLineRe = re.compile('\s$')
lines = open(fileName).read().splitlines()
totalLines = len(lines)
for line in lines:
if commentLineRe.match(line):
commentLines += 1
elif blankLineRe.match(line):
blankLines += 1
codeLines += 1
stats = {'codeLines': codeLines,
'blankLines': blankLines,
'commentLines': commentLines,
'totalLines': totalLines,
return stats