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"Template support for Cheetah"
import sys, os, imp
from Cheetah import Compiler
import pkg_resources
def _recompile_template(package, basename, tfile, classname):
tmpl = pkg_resources.resource_string(package, "%s.tmpl" % basename)
c = Compiler.Compiler(source=tmpl, mainClassName='GenTemplate')
code = str(c)
mod = imp.new_module(classname)
ns = dict()
exec(code, ns)
tempclass = ns.get("GenTemplate",
assert tempclass
tempclass.__name__ = basename
setattr(mod, basename, tempclass)
sys.modules[classname] = mod
return mod
class TurboCheetah:
extension = "tmpl"
def __init__(self, extra_vars_func=None, options=None):
if options is None:
options = dict()
self.get_extra_vars = extra_vars_func
self.options = options
self.compiledTemplates = {}
self.search_path = []
def load_template(self, template=None,
template_string=None, template_file=None,
"""Searches for a template along the Python path.
Template files must end in ".tmpl" and be in legitimate packages.
given = len([_f for _f in (template, template_string, template_file) if _f])
if given > 1:
raise TypeError(
"You may give only one of template, template_string, and "
if not given:
raise TypeError(
"You must give one of template, template_string, or "
if template:
return self.load_template_module(template)
elif template_string:
return self.load_template_string(template_string)
elif template_file:
return self.load_template_file(template_file)
def load_template_module(self, classname):
ct = self.compiledTemplates
divider = classname.rfind(".")
if divider > -1:
package = classname[0:divider]
basename = classname[divider+1:]
raise ValueError("All templates must be in a package")
if not self.options.get("cheetah.precompiled", False):
tfile = pkg_resources.resource_filename(package,
"%s.%s" %
if classname in ct:
mtime = os.stat(tfile).st_mtime
if ct[classname] != mtime:
ct[classname] = mtime
del sys.modules[classname]
mod = _recompile_template(package, basename,
tfile, classname)
mod = __import__(classname, dict(), dict(), [basename])
ct[classname] = os.stat(tfile).st_mtime
mod = _recompile_template(package, basename,
tfile, classname)
mod = __import__(classname, dict(), dict(), [basename])
tempclass = getattr(mod, basename)
return tempclass
def load_template_string(self, content):
raise NotImplementedError
def load_template_file(self, filename):
raise NotImplementedError
def render(self, info, format="html", fragment=False, template=None,
template_string=None, template_file=None):
tclass = self.load_template(
template=template, template_string=template_string,
if self.get_extra_vars:
extra = self.get_extra_vars()
extra = {}
tempobj = tclass(searchList=[info, extra])
if fragment:
return tempobj.fragment()
return tempobj.respond()