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1 parent 211f26d commit 091673709cfb86114dc332d553bbc70a9fbf63b0 hierro committed Mar 30, 2002
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@@ -36,16 +36,26 @@ Implementation
- implement the #cache directive's varyBy keyword
-- split 'cheetah compile' function into two. 'cheetah compile' converts
- *.tmpl -> *.py and eliminates the -w switch. Another function does
- whatever 'cheetah compile -w' is supposed to do (*.tmpl -> *.html somehow).
- Audit 'cheetah compile' for bugs and unclear code.
+- Remove the -w option from 'cheetah compile'. New command 'cheetah fill'
+ replaces the -w switch and more: it fills the template into *.html, another
+ extension or stdout. It accepts the -R (recurse), -p (to stdout) and
+ -v (verbose) options of 'cheetah compile', and the '-e/--env' and
+ '-p/--pickle' options of .py template modules. Note the conflict between
+ -p (stdout) and -p (pickle); we'll have to rename -p (stdout) to something
+ else, both in 'cheetah fill' and 'cheetah compile'.
+- Make template filling thread safe. .__init__ initializes self.mutex.
+ .respond acquires lock at beginning, and unlocks at end. Do not compile the
+ template without acquiring the lock. Remember to unlock in a try/finally
+ clause in case there's an exception.
Test Suite
- test cases for the SkeletonPage framework
- add cases that test the cheetah-compile script
-- add cases that test the integration with WebKit
+- add cases that test the integration with WebKit. Since these must be called
+ from a running WebKit server, make a servlet that runs the tests and outputs
+ diagnostics to the browser.

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