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@@ -10,17 +10,19 @@ Cheetah TODO list
Requirements for 1.0
- "cheetah test" problem: Python 2.3(b1) causes 16 failures in because the result of boolean expressions is now True and
False instead of 1 and 0 (or 'True' and 'False' instead of '1' and '0' when
used as placeholders). The same thing happens with $True and $False. Add a
preprocessing step to convert output to '1' and '0' before comparing to the
- control string.
+ control string.
- "cheetah test" problem: subcommands fail mysteriously on Windows. Rewrite
to avoid using subcommands. Instead, set sys.argv and call the appropriate
main() for each test.
- Simplify while maintaining new behavior (ignore dictionary
attributes/methods when searching for match of first chunk in searchList
lookup). Modify _namemapper.c to conform. Make valueForKey error
@@ -105,12 +107,14 @@ Other TODO Items
- implement some better error handling for misformed #for, #if, #try directives,
etc. At the moment these errors are not caught until Python executes the
- code.
+ code. @@TR: not a high priority as the python barfs suffice.
- create better error message for bad code such as:
This is a cached region. $voom
#end cache
- create a better error message for invalid syntax when a $var inside a
directive is enclosed in ${} or $(). E.g.:
@@ -121,9 +125,6 @@ Other TODO Items
working if the line contains 'STUFF#slurp ## comment'. Need to make
it work for 'STUFF ## comment' (but retain the EOL newline).
-- 'python uninstall'. This may require hacking an uninstall feature
- into distutils.
- 'errorCatcher None' to stop catching errors in the middle of a template.
- Utils.WebInputMixin: factor out Cheetah-specific code so it can be used in
@@ -275,6 +276,8 @@ methods and include files.
Upload File
+@@TR: This is way outside Cheetah's scope!
A mixin method in Cheetah.Utils (for Template) that handles file uploads --
these are too complicated for .webInput(). The method should do a "safe"
file upload; e.g., ,
@@ -334,7 +337,8 @@
Test Suite
-- test cases for the SkeletonPage framework
+- test cases for the SkeletonPage framework @@TR: I have no interest in this as
+ I plan on removing SkeletonPage.
- add cases that test the cheetah-compile script
- add cases that test the integration with WebKit. Since these must be called
from a running WebKit server, make a servlet that runs the tests and outputs

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