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@@ -8,12 +8,17 @@ Cheetah TODO list
affected a released version of Cheetah.
-Goals for 1.0
+Requirements for 1.0
-- Change #compiler-settings to #compiler
- write a formalized grammar for Cheetah in BNF
- update User's Guide about changes to SkeletonPage (no more #settings,
etc) (TR)
+- document all methods/attributes inherited from Template and
+ WebKit.Servlet/Cheetah.DummyServlet, for section 11.5 of the Users' Guide.
+ Distinguish those that are frequently used by the template maintainer,
+ those occasionally used, and those never used. These must be documented
+ to avoid unknowingly overriding a Template/Servlet variable and causing
+ side effects.
- decide whether/when to change the way local/global/builtin variables
are looked up (see below).

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