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hierro committed Dec 26, 2002
1 parent adf2d05 commit 50ca0ccede7c2d0f4652a8601edd354359c81bf6
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@@ -10,9 +10,11 @@ Cheetah TODO list
Requirements for 1.0
-- Modify _namemapper.c to reflect new changes in ignore
- dictionary attributes/methods for the first chunk in a searchList
- lookup. (TR)
+- Simplify while maintaining new behavior (ignore dictionary
+ attributes/methods when searching for match of first chunk in searchList
+ lookup). Modify _namemapper.c to conform. Make valueForKey error
+ messages more meaningful: for $placeholder.html it raises "NotFound: html";
+ it should raise "NotFound: 'html' in $placeholder.html". (TR)
- update User's Guide about changes to SkeletonPage (no more #settings,
etc) (TR)
- Decide on Cheetah's 1.0 license and update the Users' Guide. Cheetah

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