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commit 63640d7b2f2f5a1d4008edb1a5c3a61fa8cdd2e3 1 parent 43416c8
hierro authored
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@@ -95,12 +95,6 @@ Cheetah command revamp
cheetah --version
cheetah compile | c # .tmpl -> .py
cheetah fill | f # .tmpl -> .html (Not implemented yet)
- cheetah cgi # .tmpl -> CGI script (Not implemented yet)
-- Delay implementation of 'cheetah cgi' until spec is more precise. (In
- the meantime, you can use 'cheetah compile' and put
- Content-type: text/html
- and a blank line at the top of the template definition.)
- Options common to 'compile', 'fill' and 'cgi':
-i EXT # input file extension (-i '' for no ext)
@@ -161,6 +155,25 @@ which I think is undesired.
Should it be called #wrapper, #access, #entry, etc?
+Upload File
+A mixin method in Cheetah.Utils (for Template) that handles file uploads --
+these are too complicated for .webInput(). The method should do a "safe"
+file upload; e.g., ,
+within the limitations of Python's cgi module. The user has the choice of
+three destinations for the file contents: (A) copied to a local
+path you specify, (B) placed in a namespace variable like .cgiImport()
+does, or (C) returned. (B) parallels .webInput, but (A) will certainly be
+desirable situations where we just want to save the file, not read it into
+memory. Reject files larger than a user-specified size or not in a list of
+user-approved MIME types. Define appropriate exceptions for typical
+file-upload errors. Method name .webUploadFileAsString?
+ One situation to support is when form has a text(area) field
+related to a file-upload control on the same form, and the user has the choice
+of typing into the field or uploading a text file. We need a method that
+updates the text field's value if there is an uploaded file, but not if there
+isn't. This may be handled by the regular method(s) or may require a separate
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