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hierro committed Nov 27, 2002
1 parent e188d47 commit 655c7cd33bd54fd97a6f92148df115e579a718d1
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@@ -63,6 +63,13 @@ Other TODO Items
- 'errorCatcher None' to stop catching errors in the middle of a template.
+- Utils.WebInputMixin: factor out Cheetah-specific code so it can be used in
+ non-Cheetah applications. Don't modify the searchList: have a Template
+ wrapper method do that. Consider turning it into a function that does not
+ require 'self'. Consider making Webware-specific code into plugins so that,
+ e.g., other cookie-handling methods can be grafted in. Maybe use callback
+ classes like the planned rewrite for CheetahWrapper. Low priority. (MO)
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