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@@ -13,7 +13,12 @@ Languague Specification
should delegate multiple inheritance (mixins, etc.) to pure Python base
-- revisit parsed #include directives. Are the necessary at all??
+- revisit parsed #include directives. Are they necessary at all??
+ (This is a rhetorical question. They are necessary. However, the
+ Users' Guide needs better examples about when and when not to use
+ #include. Also, consider making '#include' do a raw include, and
+ something else do a parsed include ('#include parsed', '#include cheetah'?),
+ so that users get parsing only if they explicitly request it.
- finish the #cache directive's varyBy keyword
@@ -31,6 +36,11 @@ Implementation
- implement the #cache directive's varyBy keyword
+- split 'cheetah compile' function into two. 'cheetah compile' converts
+ *.tmpl -> *.py and eliminates the -w switch. Another function does
+ whatever 'cheetah compile -w' is supposed to do (*.tmpl -> *.html somehow).
+ Audit 'cheetah compile' for bugs and unclear code.
Test Suite
- test cases for the SkeletonPage framework
@@ -39,8 +49,13 @@ Test Suite
-- finish up the Webware section
-- beginners guide (MO)
+- more examples in the Webware section (MO)
+- more examples/advice all over the Users' Guide about recommended/
+ non-recommended strategies (MO)
+- developers' guide (MO)
+- beginners guide
+- quick reference for template maintainers (MO - someday)
+- HOWTOs (somebody offered to make some)

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