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@@ -41,9 +41,16 @@ Other TODO Items
method(s) to stdout, with line numbers based on the .py template module.
Make a Template method to do the same thing, a la .generatedModuleCode().
* Refactor, make compile/fill/code routines callbacks using a bundle arg.
+ * If an input file ends in a dot, intelligently add the input extension if
+ not found.
- Debugging tools. See section below.
+- Add --error option to compiled templates and "cheetah fill". It would
+ activate the Echo error catcher for debugging. (Maybe --list-errors to
+ suppress output and instead list the not found placeholders? Less
+ important.)
- Provide a utility to list the names of all placeholders in the template.
Requested by Tracy Ruggles on Feb 21, 2003.
@@ -81,8 +88,8 @@ Other TODO Items
-Dump Tools
+Debugging Tools (Dump Tools)
It would be nice to provide debugging tools for users who can't figure
out why a certain placeholder value isn't found or is being overridden.
My idea is to define $dumpSearchList() and $dumpSearchListFlat() in

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