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Cheetah TODO list
* If you are working on a task please put your initials at the end of the
-* When a task is completed please change its - to an ! and move it to the bottom
- of the list.
+* When a task is completed please remember to note it in the CHANGES file
Languague Specification
- firm up the list of features/syntax that are not subject to change
-- firm up the NamedValueAccess syntax (along with new test cases)
-- design and implement the new parser we've been discussing
- reimplement the #include directive so it monitors for changes to
the included files
- redesign and implement the Servlet Factory for Webware so the #extend directive
@@ -34,10 +30,7 @@ Test Suite
-- add the list of what's stable and what's not to the 'How Mature is Cheetah'
- section
- finish all the empty sections
-- flesh out the 'Quick Tutorial' in the 'Getting Started' section
- add the glossary
- add an 'Information for Developers' Section
- add examples to the Examples section

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