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@@ -7,9 +7,9 @@ Cheetah TODO list
in the CHANGES file if the bug is considered significant enough and it
affected a released version of Cheetah.
+TODO Items (many are just ideas. This is not an official roadmap!)
-Requirements for 1.0
- "cheetah test" problem: subcommands fail mysteriously on Windows. Rewrite
to avoid using subcommands. Instead, set sys.argv and call the appropriate
main() for each test.
@@ -22,17 +22,10 @@ Requirements for 1.0
current directory. The tests should instead put their temporary files
under the system tmp directory.
-- Decide on Cheetah's 1.0 license and update the Users' Guide. Cheetah
- will remain open source, and derived works (open or closed source) will be
- allowed. The issue is how to make the second part more explicit. (TR)
- Reset the current filter to the default (or to the constructor's filter
if specified) at the beginning of each fill. Currently, filter changes
leak from one fill to the next.
-Other TODO Items
- CheetahWrapper stuff: (MO)
* "cheetah compile --shbang '#!/usr/bin/python2.2'"
* "cheetah preview [options] [FILES]" print template-specific portion of main
@@ -133,24 +126,6 @@ is a dictionary, show its keys/values, but do not expand any
subvalues if they are dictionaries too, unless the display tool happens
to default to that.
-Rewrite the caching framework
-- add #cache varyBy= (tied to Tavis' proposed caching framework for Webware)
-- #cache test= with a one-variable test produces invalid Python (an empty
- if-block). Example in Cheetah Developers' Guide, section
- "#cache with test: expression and method conditions".
-- #cache id= seems to be ignoring the ID and generating a random numeric
- ID instead. Is it working? Do cache IDs have to be numeric?
-- Other ideas in Tavis' head.
-- Have an option to refresh the cache whenever an external
- file is updated. This would allow a data structure to be kept in
- sync whenever its text configuration file is changed.
#entry $func($arg1, $arg2="default", $**kw)
Make a wrapper function in the .py template module that builds a searchList
@@ -319,7 +294,7 @@ Examples
- Pickled templates?
-CheetahX: pie-in-the-sky
+CheetahX: pie-in-the-sky (notes from Mike Orr)
These ideas are being considered for Cheetah 2.0.
@@ -358,8 +333,6 @@ These ideas are being considered for Cheetah 2.0.
For caching, I guess you pass in the cache time (or a special constant)
as a separate argument, and let the INFRASTRUCTURE maintain the cache.
-- Tavis wants to rewrite the cache infrastructure and fully implement it.
- The Template class needs to be split up into stuff nececssary to fill
a template (the INFRASTRUCTURE), and stuff necessary to comple a template
(which is not necessary for using precompiled templates, and slows down

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