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@@ -10,20 +10,15 @@ Cheetah TODO list
Requirements for 1.0
-- NameMapper attributes before keys, both Python and C versions. NM should
- look for a key first, then an attribute. But if (1) this is the first
- component after $, and (2) isinstance(OBJ, dictTypes), *ignore the
- attributes* to prevent matching methods like .update, .keys, etc.
- "dictTypes" is a new compiler setting with the default value
- (types.DictType, UserDict). (TR)
+- Modify _namemapper.c to reflect new changes in ignore
+ dictionary attributes/methods for the first chunk in a searchList
+ lookup. (TR)
- update User's Guide about changes to SkeletonPage (no more #settings,
etc) (TR)
- Decide on Cheetah's 1.0 license and update the Users' Guide. (TR)
- Add an example in the distribution of a simplified SkeletonPage
that used #block but does not have fancy esoteric methods like
style stuff. (MO)
-- fix the --stdout option of CheetahWrapper so that it only prints
- the generated python code.(TR)
Other TODO Items

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