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-"I\'m enamored with Cheetah" - Sam Ruby, senior member of IBM Emerging
-Technologies Group & director of Apache Software Foundation
-"Give Cheetah a try. You won\'t regret it. ... Cheetah is a truly powerful
-system. ... Cheetah is a serious contender for the 'best of breed' Python
-templating." - Alex Martelli
-"People with a strong PHP background absolutely love Cheetah for being Smarty,
-but much, much better." - Marek Baczynski
-"I am using Smarty and I know it very well, but compiled Cheetah Templates with
-its inheritance approach is much powerful and easier to use than Smarty." -
-Jaroslaw Zabiello
-"There is no better solution than Cheetah" - Wilk
-"A cheetah template can inherit from a python class, or a cheetah template, and
-a Python class can inherit from a cheetah template. This brings the full power
-of OO programming facilities to the templating system, and simply blows away
-other templating systems" - Mike Meyer
-"Cheetah has successfully been introduced as a replacement for the overweight
-XSL Templates for code generation. Despite the power of XSL (and notably XPath
-expressions), code generation is better suited to Cheetah as templates are much
-easier to implement and manage." - The FEAR development team
- (
-"I\'ve used Cheetah quite a bit and it\'s a very good package" - Kevin Dangoor,
-lead developer of TurboGears.
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