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FFMPEG bootstrap

Build ffmpeg, qt-faststart and segmenter with its dependencies statically.

git clone git://
cd ffmpeg_bootstrap
make bootstrap

Apply ffmpeg patches (optional)

If you to apply patches on ffmpeg, put your XX_yourfile_.patch file into the build/patches directory Use the following syntax to ensure the good order 00_myfirstpath.patch 01_mysecondpath.patch etc...

make patch

make unpatch # if you what to unpatch in the inverse order

Compile codecs and ffmpeg


Compile qt-faststart (optional)

make qtfs

Compile segmenter (optional)

make segmenter

Install all binaries

make install

Clean all libraries

make clean

Clean all environment

make cleanall


curl '' -o /usr/local/Library/Formula/ffmpeg-head.rb
brew install ffmpeg-head