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  • Move to using autoconf
  • Support newer version of ffmpeg (GH-8 help from Dominic Evans)
  • Improve the segmentation time
  • Add some more info to the README
  • Add all the options to the Makefile
  • Modify tests to use mp4 files

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix dashes in manpage.
  • Fix prefix option (GH-4 Bryan Murphy)
  • Remove unused ondemand option
  • Fix -n command line option (GH-11 Dominic Evans)
  • Ignore identical DTS and PTS warnings (GH-9 Justing Greer via Dominic Evans)
  • Improve unused parameter for signum (GH-13 Dominic Evans)

0.3 (25th June 2011)


  • Move to using real command line options
  • Support segmenting of audio files as well (#1)

Bug Fixes:

  • Support older version of libav (GH#2)
  • Make sure we write a header to the start of each file (GH-2).

0.2 (January 14, 2011)


  • John Ferlito took over as maintainer
  • Renamed the project to m3u8-segmenter
  • Added a man page for m3u8-segmenter
  • Added Debian packaging meta data


  • Make sure EXT-X-ENDLIST is written to the file on exit

0.1 (Never released)

Previous release by Chase Douglas