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@@ -7,8 +7,25 @@ Currently it only generates a cucumber project. You can do this by executing:
testgen project <project_name>
This command will create a project in the <em>project_name</em> directory with the files needed to begin
-developing cucumber features. If you are using the PageObject gem you can also provide an option to setup your project accordingly.
+developing cucumber features. There are options that can be provided to have the project configure to use different gems. Here are a few:
+## Web testing
+If you are testing a web application, <em>testgen</em> can setup the project to use the PageObject gem.
testgen project <project_name> --pageobject-driver=watir
-Valid options for the <em>--pageobject-driver</em> option are 'watir' or 'selenium'
+Valid options for the <em>--pageobject-driver</em> option are 'watir' or 'selenium'
+## Android testing
+If you are testing an android application in the emulator or on a device, <em>testgen</em> can setup the project to use the Gametel gem.
+ testgen project <project_name> --with-gametel
+## Moving page-objects or screen-objects to the lib directory
+There is another option available with will create the page or screen directory in a base directoy named lib. It will also setup the project so these files get loaded the same way they would if the directory was in the support directory.

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