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@@ -17,26 +17,44 @@ California, 94105, USA.
# Logistics
* Start and finish time
* Breaks
* Pomodoros
* Lunch
* Restrooms
* Refreshments
* Parking
* Bathroom
# Icebreaker
Twitter is a popular microblogging community in which people share their 'status' in 160 or fewer characters.
To make it easy to search for and locate interesting content, users tag their 'tweets' using 'hashtags'
"Very excited to be in Berlin this week! #travel #sap #germany"
Describe yourself in 3 hashtags. In my case"
* Family
* Yoga
* Ruby
# Icebreaker - 3 'facts'
Take it in turns to share three 'surprising facts' about yourself. One must be a lie!
Vote on which is the lie!
# Instructor
* Name
* Company / Group
* Experience w/ Configuration Management or Chef itself
* Contact information
* Stephen Nelson-Smith
* Principal consultant, Atalanta Systems; Consulting engineer, Opscode
* Puppet user 5+ yrs; Chef user 2+ yrs;
* // @lordcope
.notes Contact information should minimally include email address.
# Students
* Name
* Company / Group
* Experience w/ Configuration Management or Chef itself
* What section of SAP do you work in?
* How much previous experience of Chef?
* What kind of daily exposure to Chef?
* Objective for course
# Course Objectives
@@ -95,18 +113,6 @@ relevant section, day or at the end of the course.
Plugins, Reporting. This also may include questions asked during the
course that have not been covered.
# Agenda: Hack Day
Opscode public Chef Fundamentals training is often followed by a Hack Day.
* Mini-tutorials/talks
* Demonstrations
* Collaboration and learning
* Hacking on Chef, cookbooks and more!
* Venue varies by location
.notes Discuss any relevant hack day event logistics. If no hack day, skip.
# Course Artifacts
At the end of the class you will have:

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