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Open training materials are available from the Opscode site
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-# Overview
-Welcome to Chef Fundamentals. This is the source training material
-repository for the class. The materials themselves are written in
-plain text "[Markdown]("
-format, and presented using the
-"[ShowOff](" Ruby-based presentation
+These Chef training materials have been deprecated.
-If you're seeing this at http://localhost:9090, you need to run the
-`showoff` command from the `slides` directory.
+# Open Training Materials
-# Setup
+Opscode training materials for our Chef Fundamentals classes are released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 License, and they are provided freely to Chef users.
-* Ruby 1.8.7+
-* RubyGems 1.3.7+
-* Rake
-* libxml2 and libxslt development headers (e.g., libxml2-dev and
- libxslt-dev on Debian/Ubuntu).
-gem install bundler
-bundle install
-rake present # runs bundle exec showoff serve in the slides dir
-Depending on how your local system's Ruby was installed, you may need
-to use `sudo` to run `gem install` and `bundle install`. You may also
-need to use `bundle exec showoff serve` in the `slides` directory to
-run the presentation, though the rake task should handle this already.
-Two URLs are available:
-* http://localhost:9090 - "student" view of the slides
-* http://localhost:9090/presenter - "presenter" view of the slides
-When presenting the materials as an instructor, use the "presenter"
-view. This will also pop up a second browser window that will advance
-with the presenter window. To move forward and back, use the arrow
-keys. Down/Right go forward, Up/Left go backward. Spacebar will also
-advance slides forward.
-# Installed Gems
-The source materials in the `slides` directory are set up as a showoff
-project. As such, the `showoff` gem is required. In order to generate
-PDFs with showoff, the `pdfkit` gem is installed.
-Also, the instructor lab setup will use Chef and the Knife EC2 plugin,
-so those gems are included as well.
-*Do not* commit `Gemfile.lock` to the repository.
-**Note** The current release of ShowOff doesn't include some pull
- requests adding features that we liked, so the showoff gem is
- installed from a separate repository.
-# Slides Directory
-Most of the action happens in the slides directory.
-## Rakefile
-The `slides/Rakefile` has a task to set up the directory and an
-initial `` file for the specified section.
- rake mksection SECTION=just-enough-ruby-for-chef
- ** Creating section just-enough-ruby-for-chef **
- - populating
-This does not add the section to `showoff.json`. When contributing a new
-section, do not add it to the `showoff.json` file, as that should be
-reviewed before modifying the base course for everyone.
-## Slide Style Guide
-This is spartan and will be embellished.
-* Create sections as directories.
-* Use PNGs for images.
-* Directory names should be lower case words as a title, "getting-started"
-* Each directory should have a, multiple sections may be
- broken up later.
-# Guides Directory
-See the `` guide in the guides directory for
-information on how to set up the lab environments for students to use
-in the hands on portion of the course.
-# Resources
-# Contributing
-See CONTRIBUTING for information on how you can contribute changes to
-these materials.
-# License and Authors
-See LICENSE for licensing of these materials and how you may use
-## Authors:
-* Joshua Timberman <>
-* Aaron Peterson <>
-* Stephen Nelson-Smith <>
+Simply compelte this [request for open training materials]( to gain access to the training content.

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