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# Overview
Welcome to Chef Fundamentals. This is the source training material
repository for the class. The materials themselves are written in
plain text "[Markdown]("
format, and presented using the
"[ShowOff](" Ruby-based presentation
# Setup
@@ -14,7 +23,20 @@ cd slides
showoff serve
Browse to localhost:9090
Depending on how your local system's Ruby was installed, you may need
to use `sudo` to run `gem install` and `bundle install`. You may also
need to use `bundle exec showoff serve` to run the presentation.
Two URLs are available:
* http://localhost:9090 - "student" view of the slides
* http://localhost:9090 - "presenter view of the slides
When presenting the materials as an instructor, use the "presenter"
view. This will also pop up a second browser window that will advance
with the presenter window. To move forward and back, use the arrow
keys. Down/Right go forward, Up/Left go backward. Spacebar will also
advance slides forward.
# Installed Gems

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