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@@ -316,27 +316,6 @@ Common use cases:
.notes We will cover search and how do go about this in a later section.
-# link
-Manage hard or symbolic links with the `link` resource.
-The default action is to create the link.
-# link example
-The equivalent of running `ln -s /etc/hosts /tmp/hosts`:
- @@@ruby
- link "/tmp/hosts" do
- to "/etc/hosts"
- end
-* target_file - the file name of the link
-* to - the real target file
-* type - `:hard` or `:symbolic` (must be a Ruby symbol)
-.notes Say, "You link the target file to a thing that already exists"
# directory
Create a directory with the `directory` resource. It is the basis for
@@ -364,38 +343,6 @@ The default action is to create the specified directory.
does not inherit from `file`)
* recursive - recursively create the directory tree, like `mkdir -p`
-# remote_directory
-Transfers a directory of files from the cookbook's `files/default`
-The files copied can have their own file permissions set as part of
-the resource.
-The default action is to create the directory.
-.notes `remote_directory` is not the most efficient method to copy
-files, but it can be done in place of a better solution such as
-"rsync" or "bittorrent"; for bittorrent, perhaps suggest transmission
-# remote_directory example
- @@@ruby
- remote_directory "/var/www/sites/mysite" do
- source "my_app"
- owner "www-data"
- files_owner "my-app"
- files_group "www-data"
- recursive true
- end
-* source - the directory name in `files/default` in the cookbook
-* cookbook - optionally specify a different cookbook
-* files_owner - set the owner of the individual files
-* files_group - set the group of the individual files
-* recursive - this will create the directory structure for the target
# Packages
Package management is typically handled by the configuration

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