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Database cookbook CHANGELOG

This file is used to list changes made in each version of the database cookbook.

6.1.1 (2016-11-01)

  • Fix incorrectly named matchers

6.1.0 (2016-11-01)

  • Add require_x509 option for mysql grants
  • Define custom matcher helpers for notification testing, fixes #200
  • Add support for PostgreSQL extended grants
  • Use multipackage to speed up the installs
  • Remove arch from the metadata
  • Improve specs
  • Remove yum/apt in the Berksfile
  • Add opensuse and opensuseleap to the metadata

6.0.0 (2016-09-22)

  • Update maintainers wording and format [skip-ci]
  • Support reading of options from my.cnf for MySQL
  • Fix hashed_password for CREATE USER
  • Generalize MysqlPassword to HashedPassword and add it to PostreSQL
  • Fix again undefined method `empty?' for Mysql2::Result
  • Exclude the Rubocop rule that breaks the cookbook
  • Require Chef 12.1 or later

v5.1.2 (2016-04-21)

  • Fix for Unknown column 'mysql_native_password' error
  • Fix 'already initialized constant' warnings while testing

v5.1.1 (2016-04-07)

  • Fixed password resource not functioning on Postgresql
  • Removed unused templates leftover from the DB -> EBS backup recipes
  • Add better logging when the providers are used and the gems are not present

v5.1.0 (2016-04-06)

  • Added a new resource for Sqlite DBs. See the readme for details
  • Updated :create and :grant action in the mysql_database_user provider to update the user password if it changes
  • Added the ability to pass options to the sql_server connection
  • Added a mysql_hashed_password method to the mysql_database_user's password property to allow passing hashed passwords to the resource. See the readme for an example

v5.0.1 (2016-03-29)

  • Resolve error in the user provider under MySQL due to a Rubocop fix

v5.0.0 (2016-03-23)

  • Removed Chef 10 compatibility checks
  • Resolved the following error in the sql_server_user provider: undefined local variable or method sql_role
  • Added a timeout attribute to the database provider on sql_server, which defaults to 120 seconds
  • Fixed the :revoke action for the database_user provider on mysql
  • Removed duplicate documentation from the readme
  • Updated the mysql_user provider to compare passwords so passwords can be updated
  • Updated documentation for the connection hash in the database provider
  • Removed duplicate amazon supports property from the metadata
  • Removed documentation for ebs recipes that are no longer part of this cookbook
  • Updated testing deps and removed the large number of Guard deps
  • Fixed intgration tests to be in the correct location so they run as expected
  • Added .foodcritic file to ignore FC023
  • Removed the cloud testing Kitchen file and Gem dependencies
  • Added integration testing with Kitchen Docker in Travis CI

v4.0.9 (2015-09-07)

  • Fix bad attribute name with postgresql_database in the readme
  • Add flags attribute to the mysql provider
  • Add database attribute to the mysql provider
  • Use the correct database with the mssql provider
  • Updated and to point to documentation in the new community_cookbook_documentation repo
  • Add oracle as a supported platform in the metadata
  • Add source_url and issues_url metadata
  • Add cookbook version and travis badges to the readme
  • Clarify the minimum required Chef version in the readme
  • Add a Travis config
  • Resolve several rubocop and foodcritic warnings
  • Update all platforms in the Kitchen config
  • Update development dependencies to the latest releases
  • Add a and maintainers.toml file
  • Add a chefignore file
  • Update list of ignored files in the gitignore

v4.0.8 (2015-08-03)

  • 139 - Use a more reliable method of determining whether the
  • Postgres server accepts the REPLICATION attribute on user creation.

v4.0.7 (2015-07-27)

  • 161 - Fixes multiple issues causing the MySQL database user creation to not be idempotent

v4.0.6 (2015-04-29)

  • 126 - Use sql_query property instead of sql in the mysql provider for :query action

v4.0.5 (2015-04-08)

  • 137/#138 - Removing log message containing password information

v4.0.4 (2015-04-07)

  • Using unescaped db name in field value

v4.0.3 (2015-02-22)

  • Unbreak postgresql_database_resource on older versions of PostgreSQL

v4.0.2 (2015-02-09)

  • Removing leftover mysql recipe that installs the mysql2_chef_gem.

v4.0.1 (2015-02-05)

  • Fixing merge conflicts with master on 4.0.0 attempted release

v4.0.0 (2015-02-05)

  • Decoupled mysql2_chef_gem cookbook.
  • Users must now install it themselves before utilizing mysql_database
  • or mysql_database_user resources.
  • Fixing various MilClass errors in mysql providers
  • Restoring missing :query action for mysql
  • Restoring grant_option support for mysql
  • Adding revoke action for mysql

v3.1.0 (2015-01-30)

  • Add support for postgresql_database_user privileges
  • Add postgresql_database_test cookbook to test/fixtures

v3.0.3 (2015-01-20)

  • Bugfix: bugfix: lack of node['mysql']['version'] causing NilClass error

v3.0.2 (2015-01-16)

  • Fix bug to allow grants on databases with special characters

v3.0.1 (2015-01-16)

  • Enabling ssl for provider_mysql_database_user

v3.0.0 (2015-01-15)

  • Removing out of scope recipes
  • porting to mysql2_chef_gem
  • adding test-kitchen suites for mysql

v2.3.1 (2014-12-13)

  • Locking mysql and mysql-chef_gem dependencies down in metadata.rb

v2.3.0 (2014-08-13)

  • [#62] Allow requiring SSL

v2.2.0 (2014-05-07)

  • [COOK-4626] Add windows users for SQL Server
  • [COOK-4627] Assigning sys_roles in SQL Server

v2.1.10 (2014-05-07)

  • [COOK-4614] - Update README to reflect gem installation via mysql-chef_gem

v2.1.8 (2014-04-23)

  • [COOK-4583] - Add ChefSpec matchers

v2.1.6 (2014-04-10)

  • [COOK-4538] Bump supported Chef version

v2.1.4 (2014-04-09)

[COOK-4529] Query action ignores MySQL errors

v2.1.2 (2014-04-01)

  • Depending on mysql-chef_gem cookbook

v2.1.0 (2014-03-31)

  • Updating mysql cookbook dependency
  • Enforcing rubocops

v2.0.0 (2014-02-25)

[COOK-3441] database_user password argument should not be required


New Feature

  • COOK-4009 - Add PostgreSQL SCHEMA management capability


  • COOK-3862 - Improve database cookbook documentation



  • COOK-3716 - Add ALTER SQL Server user roles





  • [COOK-2074]: Regex in exists? check in sql_server_database resource should match for start and end of line
  • [COOK-2561]: mysql_database_user can't set global grants


  • [COOK-2075]: Support the collation attribute in the database_sql_server provider


  • [COOK-850] - postgresql_database_user doesn't have example


  • [COOK-2117] - undefined variable grant_statement in mysql user provider


  • [COOK-1896] - Escape command
  • [COOK-2047] - Chef::Provider::Database::MysqlUser action :grant improperly quotes username@host string
  • [COOK-2060] - Mysql::Error: Table '.' doesn't exist when privileges include SELECT and database/table attributes are nil
  • [COOK-2062] - Remove backticks from database name when using wildcard


  • [COOK-1688] - fix typo in readme and add amazon linux to supported platforms


  • [COOK-1561] - depend on mysql 1.3.0+ explicitly
  • depend on postgresql 1.0.0 explicitly


  • Update the version for release (oops)


  • [COOK-932] - Add mysql recipe to conveniently include mysql::ruby
  • [COOK-1228] - database resource should be able to execute scripts on disk
  • [COOK-1291] - make the snapshot retention policy less confusing
  • [COOK-1401] - Allow to specify the collation of new databases
  • [COOK-1534] - Add postgresql recipe to conveniently include postgresql::ruby


  • [COOK-970] - workaround for disk [re]naming on ubuntu 11.04+
  • [COOK-1085] - check RUBY_VERSION and act accordingly for role
  • [COOK-749] - localhost should be a string in snapshot recipe


  • [COOK-1062] - Databases: Postgres exists should close connection


  • [COOK-975] - Change arg='DEFAULT' to arg=nil, :default => 'DEFAULT'
  • [COOK-964] - Add parentheses around connection hash in example


  • [COOK-716] - providers for PostgreSQL


  • [COOK-683] - added database and database_user resources
  • [COOK-684] - MySQL providers
  • [COOK-685] - SQL Server providers
  • refactored - database::master and database::snapshot recipes to leverage new resources


  • Use Chef 0.10's node.chef_environment instead of node['app_environment'].