Ark continues to download file when the file is already present #66

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Ark is always downloading the remote_file, can we not add a new attribute say redownload = true/false, which can then internally check for the existence of the archive and skip downloaded if needed.

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Seeing this too.


I would imagine a simple check for if checksum matches, to skip download ... otherwise headache when files being downloaded > 500mb


The checksum attribute can be used to avoid re-downloading a file when already present on the system. Of course, it requires to specify the expected checksum.

Note that in the past (ark ~0.1), the checksum attribute was providing a security check, which has been lost when ark code switched to Chef remote_file, as reported in #55. devrandom@86bd1fe removed checksum from the documentation, but actually this attribute is still present but with a different behavior:


Use to prevent the remote_file resource from re-downloading a file. When the local file matches the checksum, the chef-client will not download it.

I feel that many people get confused with the checksum behavior (even when using remote_file resource) and I wonder if you are also interested to provide again a handful of features:

  • add redownload attribute (by default set to true). If set to false no more download will be executed when a file is locally present (no checksum verification is applied in this case).
  • checksum attribute is used to avoid unnecessary download effort
  • raise an error if download file mismatch checksum atttribute

Pending: Define the priority rules between redownload and checksum (e.g. what to do when redownload == false && checkum != nil)

@burtlo interested to align all that?

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@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan Fix maven 3.2.3 SHA256 checksum
Not sure what happened here, but the checksum has changed.

I've verified the MD5 checksum against
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