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Fixes issue - COOK-3072

This also contains the fixes for

  • COOK-3063
  • COOK-3064
  • COOK-3065
  • COOK-3067

Chauncey added some commits May 28, 2013

Chauncey COOK-3063 - Fixed bash if/else missing closing fi when cherry-pick do…
…es an unzip.
Chauncey COOK-3067 - Fixed test to point to correct file ad5572e
Chauncey COOK-3065 - Fixed binary linking ea4f856
Chauncey COOK-3064 - Fixed file existence checks in install_with_make and conf…
…igure actions
Chauncey COOK-3072 - Made some fixes to the cherry-pick action.
- Changed creates attribute to file.
- Made sure that the final file path was path attribute + basename of file attribute.
- Changed the chowning so that it chowns the file and not the file's parent directory.

guilhem commented Jun 5, 2013

Some patchs are already merged (link binary linking).
But I really like the way you changed cherry-pick.
Manage directory in tar and after untar was really a pain in the ass (without talking about strip_dir etc).

I do a pull request to manage more files in 1 cherry pick, it would be good and easy to merge together. I will do a pull request on your repository.


sethvargo commented Oct 7, 2013

@rteabeault there are some comments on the JIRA ticket that require your attention. Could you please take a look and then remark the JIRA ticket as "Fix Provided"?

burtlo closed this Jul 17, 2014

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