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Fixed commands in bootstrap instructions.

The top-level directory in the tarball pulled down from GitHib is named 
`chef-server-BRANCH` when we just want to extract to a directory named 

Big thanks to Matthew Ratzloff for pointing out the issue!
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1 parent 8f8d355 commit 00740f989ce5ef7aadd8577d298249a1d5e360ae @schisamo schisamo committed Jan 25, 2013
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@@ -152,9 +152,9 @@ system using this cookbook:
# install chef-solo
curl -L | sudo bash
# create required bootstrap dirs/files
- mkdir -p /var/chef/cache /var/chef/cookbooks
+ mkdir -p /var/chef/cache /var/chef/cookbooks/chef-server
# pull down this chef-server cookbook
- wget -qO- | tar xvzC /var/chef/cookbooks
+ wget -qO- | tar xvzC /var/chef/cookbooks/chef-server --strip-components=1
# GO GO GO!!!
chef-solo -o 'recipe[chef-server::default]'

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