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Contains custom resources for adding Ohai hints and installing custom Ohai plugins. Handles path creation as well as the reloading of Ohai so that new data will be available during the same run.

NOTE: The ohai_hint resource shipped in Chef 14.0 (April 2018). When Chef 15.0 is released (April 2019) and Chef 13 goes EOL the ohai_hint resource will be removed from this cookbook.



  • Debian/Ubuntu
  • RHEL/CentOS/Scientific/Amazon/Oracle
  • openSUSE / SUSE Enterprise Linux
  • FreeBSD
  • Windows


  • Chef 12.7+


  • none

Custom Resources


Creates Ohai hint files, which are consumed by Ohai plugins in order to determine if they should run or not.

Resource Attributes

  • hint_name - The name of hints file and key. Should be string, default is name of resource.
  • content - Values of hints. It will be used as automatic attributes. Should be Hash, default is empty Hash
  • compile_time - Should the resource run at compile time. This defaults to true


Hint file installed to the default directory:

ohai_hint 'ec2'

Hint file not installed at compile time:

ohai_hint 'ec2' do
  compile_time false

Hint file installed with content:

ohai_hint 'raid_present' do
  content Hash[:a, 'test_content']

ChefSpec Matchers

You can check for the creation or deletion of ohai hints with chefspec using these custom matches:

  • create_ohai_hint
  • delete_ohai_hint


Installs custom Ohai plugins.

Resource Attributes

  • plugin_name - The name to give the plugin on the filesystem. Should be string, default is name of resource.
  • path - The path to your custom plugin directory. Defaults to a directory named 'plugins' under the directory 'ohai' in the Chef config dir.
  • source_file - The source file for the plugin in your cookbook if not NAME.rb.
  • cookbook - The cookbook where the source file exists if not the cookbook where the ohai_plugin resource is running from.
  • resource - The resource type for the plugin file. Either :cookbook_file or :template. Defaults to :cookbook_file.
  • variables - Usable only if resource is :template. Defines the template's variables.
  • compile_time - Should the resource run at compile time. This defaults to true.


Simple Ohai plugin installation:

ohai_plugin 'my_custom_plugin'

Installation where the resource doesn't match the filename and you install to a custom plugins dir:

ohai_plugin 'My Ohai Plugin' do
  name 'my_custom_plugin'
  path '/my/custom/path/'

Installation using a template:

ohai_plugin 'My Templated Plugin' do
  name 'templated_plugin'
  resource :template
  variables node_type: :web_server

ChefSpec Matchers

You can check for the creation or deletion of ohai plugins with chefspec using these custom matches:

  • create_ohai_plugin
  • delete_ohai_plugin


This cookbook is maintained by Chef's Community Cookbook Engineering team. Our goal is to improve cookbook quality and to aid the community in contributing to cookbooks. To learn more about our team, process, and design goals see our team documentation. To learn more about contributing to cookbooks like this see our contributing documentation, or if you have general questions about this cookbook come chat with us in #cookbok-engineering on the Chef Community Slack


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