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passenger_apache2 Cookbook CHANGELOG

This file is used to list changes made in each version of the passenger_apache2 cookbook.

v2.3.1 (2016-03-29)

  • Install Passenger using the correct Gem binary by adding default['passenger']['bin_dir'] and default['passenger']['bin']
  • Properly notify Apache2 to reload when configs change in mod_rails
  • Add known issues to the Readme
  • Run integration tests in Travis CI using Kitchen Docker
  • Add long_description to the metadata
  • Add basic converge coverage with ChefSpec
  • Update testing dependencies and resolve new Rubocop warnings
  • Remove incorrect build-essential dependency listed in the readme

v2.3.0 (2015-09-23)

  • Update Apache 2 requirement from 1.X.X to >= 2.0.0 which adds support for current Ubuntu and CentOS releases
  • The minimum supported Chef release is now 11.0
  • Added support for Fedora and openSUSE / SLES
  • Update source recipe to not upgrade packages. Package upgrades should be done outside community cookbooks and not randomly during Chef runs.
  • Add chef standard gitignore and chefignore files
  • Add a .foodcritic file to exclude rules that aren't valid for this cookbook
  • Update Kitchen CI config for new platforms and format
  • Add Rubocop config
  • Add Travis CI config
  • Update Berksfile to 3.X format and remove Yum, which wasn't actually used
  • Update Contributing, Testing, and Maintainers docs
  • Add Rakefile for simplified testing
  • Update Gemfile with updated testing and development gems
  • Replace all references to Opscode with Chef Software
  • Add Travis CI and cookbook version badges to the Readme

v2.2.3 (2014-12-07)

  • Fix idempotence check to check for existence of the right file, at the right time (#34, #37, #42)
  • Constrain apache2 cookbook version (#32, #33)
  • Update passenger version to latest bugfix release (4.0.53)

v2.2.2 (2014-08-25)

  • COOK-4666 Include attribute conditional check to install module

v2.2.0 (2014-02-21)


  • COOK-4081 - Install command does not use correct attribute


  • COOK-4005 - Make the passenger apache module installation step use optional custom ruby when building from source



  • [COOK-4005] Make the passenger apache module installation use optional custom ruby when building from source



  • [COOK-3706] Fix permission of passenger.load
  • [COOK-3747] Call full path for installing module



  • COOK-3654 - Fix compatibility with Chef 11
  • COOK-3395 - Fix an issue where the recipe does not compile the version of passenger specified on the node attribute


  • COOK-3486 - Make PassengerRuby configurable



  • COOK-2293 - Automatically reload Ohai attribtues



  • [COOK-2750]: using mod_rails in run_list by itself fails in version 2.0.0
  • [COOK-2972]: passenger_apache2 has foodcritic errors
  • [COOK-3180]: don't use mod_rails recipe w/ package install


[COOK-2115] - Improve passenger_apache2 cookbook source [COOK-2128] - Allow apache passenger to be installed via packages [COOK-2203] - Remove :source key from module_path [COOK-2379] - passenger_apache2 should install passenger 3.0.19 [COOK-2380] - pasenger_apache2 should use platform_family for additional platform support


  • [COOK-2003] - only able to use apache2-prefork-dev to compile passenger


  • [COOK-1097] - documentation missing for mod_rails recipe
  • [COOK-1132] - example doesn't work
  • [COOK-1133] - update to passenger v3.0.11


  • [COOK-958] - fix regression for loadmodule on debian/ubuntu
  • [COOK-1003] - support archlinux


  • [COOK-859] - don't hardcode module path
  • [COOK-539] - use --auto for installation
  • [COOK-608] - remove RailsAllowModRewrite from web_app.erb
  • [COOK-640] - use correct development headers on RHEL


  • Upgrade to passenger 3.0.7
  • Attributes are all "default"
  • Install curl development headers
  • Move PassengerMaxPoolSize to config of module instead of vhost.