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name "yum"
maintainer "Opscode, Inc."
maintainer_email ""
license "Apache 2.0"
long_description, ''))
version "2.1.0"
recipe "yum", "Empty recipe."
recipe "yum::yum", "Manages yum configuration"
%w{ redhat centos scientific amazon }.each do |os|
supports os, ">= 5.0"
attribute "yum/exclude",
:display_name => "yum.conf exclude",
:description => "List of packages to exclude from updates or installs. This should be an array. Shell globs using wildcards (eg. * and ?) are allowed.",
:required => "optional"
attribute "yum/installonlypkgs",
:display_name => "yum.conf installonlypkgs",
:description => "List of packages that should only ever be installed, never updated. Kernels in particular fall into this category. Defaults to kernel, kernel-smp, kernel-bigmem, kernel-enterprise, kernel-debug, kernel-unsupported.",
:required => "optional"
attribute "yum/proxy",
:display_name => "yum.conf proxy",
:description => "Set the http URL for proxy to use in yum.conf",
:required => "optional"
attribute "yum/proxy_username",
:display_name => "yum.conf proxy_username",
:description => "Set the proxy_username to use for yum.conf",
:required => "optional"
attribute "yum/proxy_password",
:display_name => "yum.conf proxy_password",
:description => "Set the proxy_password to use for yum.conf",
:required => "optional"
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