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1 These materials are an Opscode open source project. They are
2 dual-licensed under Creative Commons and the Apache License, Version
3 2.0. See the LICENSE.txt file for more information about your rights.
5 In order to contribute changes to the supporting code and significant
6 example code on slides, we require a contributor license
7 agreement. Please see the following wiki document for more
8 information:
10 *
12 A contributor license agreement is not required to contribute changes
13 to the slides, guides or notes that are placed under Creative Commons
14 license. However, for tracking purposes we ask that a ticket in JIRA
15 is created, and noted in the commit message for the change.
17 *
19 For example:
21 git commit -m '[FND-##] - fixed typos in getting started'
23 When making changes in the repository, please do not modify the
24 "showoff.json" file. Also please do not replace images without new
25 sources such as OmniGraffle.
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