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Chef Push

This is the central repository for the Chef Push Jobs service.

This repository does not contain any code, as the push jobs code is spread out across several repositories.

The purpose of this repository is to serve as a central place to report push jobs issues and to outline how to contribute to the push jobs system. If an issue is known to be against a specific subsystem, you may file it against that system, but it is always appropriate to file push system issues here.

If you need to file an issue against another Chef project, you can find a list of projects and where to file issues in the community contributions section of the Chef docs.

Components of the Chef Push Jobs Service



Knife plugins

  • knife-push Knife plugin to use the push jobs service.

Common Components

Major Technologies used in Chef Push Server

  • Erlang
  • PostgreSQL
  • ZeroMQ

If you're looking to contribute to certain parts of the push jobs service, familiarity with the following related tools is also beneficial, depending on the area:

  • rebar (used for dependency management in Erlang)
  • sqitch (database migrations)