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Ruby Version Deprecation Policy
Daniel DeLeo <>
Standards Track

Ruby Version Deprecation Policy

Establishes a rolling version policy for Chef and ChefDK and the associated ecosystem (berkshelf, test-kitchen, etc).


As a Chef User,
I want to avoid changes to supported Ruby VMs during a release cycle,
so that I can have a stable installation process.


Minor version bumps of the ruby version shipping with Chef and ChefDK will only require a minor version bump of the Chef and ChefDK package.

Raising the required_ruby_version floor of any associated gem by a minor version will only require a minor version bump of the gems and associated omnibus packages.

Ruby versions MUST be supported until they are no longer releasing bugfixes and have entered the security maintenance phase.

Ruby versions MAY be supported after they have entered the security maintenance phase.


As ruby versions enter their security release phase, many gems in the ruby ecosystem drop support for them which creates a support burden.

To reduce that support burden, Chef and ChefDK must be flexible enough to drop support for those old ruby versions without releasing a new major version.

Historically, the 12.9.38 release of the chef gem dropped support for ruby 2.0.x and this was found to not cause any customer facing issues.


This RFC only covers how long a ruby version will be supported for, it does not cover which supported ruby version will be shipped in Chef and ChefDK (which is often driven by bugs and test failures that need to be addressed before those versions are considered stable enough to be shipped on all platforms).


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