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Supermarket Prefix Reservation
Noah Kantrowitz <>

Supermarket Prefix Reservation

While the question of explicit namespace support for Supermarket and the broader Chef ecosystem has mostly been answered, a de facto standard has emerged over the years to prefix cookbook names with the originating organization or team. In most cases these are internal, but more and more of these prefixed names are being released to the public Supermarket.

This has benefits to both cookbook authors who want to make it clear a cookbook is part of their brand and thus meets their quality standards, as well as to users who can use brand-level trust to find new cookbooks to use.

The downside is there is no explicit tooling built for this prefix management. Currently any user can register any unused name, possibly causing confusion as to if a cookbook is officially associated with the prefix name or not.


As a community cookbook author,
I want to maintain brand continuity,
so that my cookbooks can be clearly identified.

As a community cookbook consumer,
I want to know when cookbooks come from trusted authors,
so that I can feel confident in using new cookbooks.


A group or company will have exclusive control to prefixes registered to them. These prefixes are subject to approval by Chef Software as part of their operation of the public Supermarket application. Private deployments of Supermarket can define their own governance structure for allocating prefixes.

If a prefix is registered, the user or users that are responsible for it will be the only ones allowed to register new cookbooks or tool with that prefix. The responsible user or users can authorize other users to create cookbooks in their prefix, but this requires explicit permission from the prefix holder.

In the short term, prefix management can be handled ad hoc via existing cookbook rename/removal tooling in Supermarket. Established prefixes can be added to this RFC by pull request. As a reactive strategy for the time being, you will have to notify the Supermarket team of an inappropriately named cookbook by opening a ticket.

In the long term, it would be good to see native functionality added to Supermarket to enable this, though care will have to be taken at that point to ensure abuse is not a problem. This could allow automatic enforcement of prefixes in the future.


To register a prefix, fork this repository and create a Pull Request adding your prefix and the person or organization that will be responsible for it.


This work is in the public domain. In jurisdictions that do not allow for this, this work is available under CC0. To the extent possible under law, the person who associated CC0 with this work has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.