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Chef Community Summit - 2014

London Summit

This wiki is also being used to capture notes from the London Summit.

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Action Items

Session Notes

These sessions still need basic notes


Time Metropolitan Greenwood Issaquah Kirkland Leschi Medina Ravenna
1030   Managing Community Cookbooks with a busy schedule Service Discovery Visualizing Chef Data Chef Server Scaling Multi-Site Chef Server Availability Chef Community IRC Meeting
1130 Chef Client and Server 12 Supermarket behind the firewall Test Kitchen on Windows Omnibus 4 Ubuntu 14.04 Training Materials Chef Client 12
1330 Versioning and Policyfile demonstration Test Kitchen & CI Building Big Data Environments with Chef Testing More Than Servers: InfraSpec Chef for absolute beginners and recovering Windows sysadmins Chef Metal  
1430 Openstack and Chef Chef Workflow Part One Continuous Integration and Delivery VMWare and Chef / Bootstrapping with out 'knife bootstrap' GoChef WebUI Namespaces and Versioning
1600 Docker Infrastructure and deployment at scale   Managing Wrapper Cookbooks While Waiting for Upstream ChefDK Extension Points Attributes WAT Food Fight Show


Time Metropolitan Greenwood Issaquah Kirkland Leschi Medina Ravenna
1000 Debugging Cookbooks Windows DSC Knife UI Using Chef with Java Apps Scoped Resources Push Jobs Beginners' AMA (Ask Me Anything)
1100 Hangops Windows Cookbook Testing Automation communities and Chef in the Enterprise Contributing to Chef Spiceweasel 3 Chef Testing Learn Chef
1300 Deployment Pipeline Show and Tell Training for advanced skills and career advancement Chef on Embedded Devices Cookbook Development and Testing for OS X Supermarket Governance Chef Server in the community Find Your Voice
1400 Application configuration patterns Service Discovery Part Two Machine Image Management Incident Management Chef for Distributed Systems Ticket Shredding (hack session) Orchestration
etc. Securing secrets

Saturday - Hack Day

Hack Day projects

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