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Chef Workstation

Chef Workstation installs everything you need to get started using Chef on Windows, Mac and Linux. It includes:

  • chef-run, a new tool for executing ad-hoc tasks against your servers
  • ChefDK, all the tools you know and love

Getting Started

  1. Download Chef Workstation

  2. Double-click the .dmg or .msi file to start the install process, or use the package manager for your Linux distribution.

  3. Open a terminal, and try out an ad-hoc task. Here's the general usage:

    chef-run [flags] <Target host|IP|SSH|WinRM> <Resource> <Resource Name> [properties]

  • Install the 'ntp' package on 'hostname' over ssh, using password from the environment:

    chef-run username:$PASSWORD@hostname package ntp

  • Create user 'timmy' on 'hostname' over winrm:

    chef-run winrm://username@hostname user timmy

  • Run the recipe 'nginx::passenger' on 'hostname' over ssh on port 2222 using a keyfile:

    chef-run ssh://hostname:2222 -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa nginx::passenger

  1. Use chef-run -h for additional information about usage and available flags.

Building Chef-Workstation Packages

We use Omnibus to describe our packaging. Please review chef-workstation/omnibus/README.MD for further details.

Copyright and License

Code released under the Apache license. Images and any trademarked content are Copyright 2018 by Chef Software, Inc..