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# Note we do not use the gemspec DSL which restricts to the
# gemspec for the current platform and filters out other platforms
# during a bundle lock operation. We actually want dependencies from
# both of our gemspecs. Also note this this mimics gemspec behavior
# of bundler versions prior to 1.12.0 (
gem "chef", path: "."
gem "chef-config", path: File.expand_path("../chef-config", __FILE__) if File.exist?(File.expand_path("../chef-config", __FILE__))
gem "cheffish", "~> 14"
group(:omnibus_package) do
# override for unf_ext for inspec 2 until
# is merged and released
gem "unf_ext", "=", :git => ""
gem "appbundler"
gem "rb-readline"
gem "inspec", "~> 2"
gem "chef-vault"
group(:omnibus_package, :pry) do
gem "pry"
gem "pry-byebug"
gem "pry-remote"
gem "pry-stack_explorer"
group(:docgen) do
gem "yard"
group(:maintenance) do
gem "tomlrb"
# To sync maintainers with github
gem "octokit"
gem "netrc"
# Everything except AIX
group(:ruby_prof) do
gem "ruby-prof"
# Everything except AIX and Windows
group(:ruby_shadow) do
gem "ruby-shadow", platforms: :ruby
group(:development, :test) do
gem "rake"
gem "simplecov"
gem "webmock"
# for testing new chefstyle rules
# gem 'chefstyle', github: 'chef/chefstyle'
gem "chefstyle", git: "", branch: "master"
group(:travis) do
gem "travis"
instance_eval(ENV["GEMFILE_MOD"]) if ENV["GEMFILE_MOD"]
# If you want to load debugging tools into the bundle exec sandbox,
# add these additional dependencies into Gemfile.local
eval_gemfile(__FILE__ + ".local") if File.exist?(__FILE__ + ".local")