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class Chef
class Dist
require "chef-config/dist"
require "chef-config/config"
# This class is not fully implemented, depending on it is not recommended!
# When referencing a product directly, like Chef (Now Chef Infra)
PRODUCT = "Chef Infra Client".freeze
# A short designation for the product, used in Windows event logs
# and some nomenclature.
SHORT = ChefConfig::Dist::SHORT.freeze
# The name of the server product
SERVER_PRODUCT = "Chef Infra Server".freeze
# The client's alias (chef-client)
CLIENT = ChefConfig::Dist::CLIENT.freeze
# name of the automate product
AUTOMATE = "Chef Automate".freeze
# The chef executable, as in `chef gem install` or `chef generate cookbook`
EXEC = ChefConfig::Dist::EXEC.freeze
# product website address
WEBSITE = "".freeze
# Chef-Zero's product name
ZERO = "Chef Infra Zero".freeze
# Chef-Solo's product name
SOLO = "Chef Infra Solo".freeze
# The chef-zero executable (local mode)
ZEROEXEC = "chef-zero".freeze
# The chef-solo executable (legacy local mode)
SOLOEXEC = "chef-solo".freeze
# The chef-shell executable
SHELL = "chef-shell".freeze
# The chef-apply executable
APPLY = "chef-apply".freeze
# Configuration related constants
# The chef-shell configuration file
SHELL_CONF = "chef_shell.rb".freeze
# The configuration directory
CONF_DIR = ChefConfig::Config.etc_chef_dir.freeze
# The user's configuration directory
USER_CONF_DIR = ChefConfig::Dist::USER_CONF_DIR.freeze
# The server's configuration directory
SERVER_CONF_DIR = "/etc/chef-server".freeze
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