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Editing the Content attribute in `systemd_unit` with `edit_resource` cannot get past validation #8640

yaningzhu opened this issue Jun 7, 2019 · 1 comment


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commented Jun 7, 2019


content attribute in systemd_unit fails validation when edit_resource was used.

Chef Version

Chef 14.12.3

Platform Version

Ubuntu 18.04

Replication Case

Create a recipe in your cookbook, something simple like this:

# standard chef-client things
include_recipe 'chef-client::delete_validation'
include_recipe 'chef-client::config'
include_recipe 'chef-client'

# the recipe should work up to this point, however it would fail when I include the blocks below

chef_client_service = {
  'Unit' => {
    'Description' => 'Chef Client daemon',
    'After' => ' auditd.service',
  'Service' => {
    'Type' => 'simple',
    'EnvironmentFile' => '/etc/default/chef-client',
    'ExecStart' => '/usr/bin/chef-client -c $CONFIG -i $INTERVAL -s $SPLAY $OPTIONS',
    'ExecReload' => '/bin/kill -HUP $MAINPID',
    'SuccessExitStatus' => 3,
    'Restart' => node['chef_client']['systemd']['restart'],
  'Install' => { 'WantedBy' => '' },

edit_resource!(:systemd_unit, 'chef-client.service') do
  content chef_client_service

My example content should work fine, since it's basically a copy-paste from the chef-client cookbook, with hardcoded variables.

Client Output

Recipe: chef-client::systemd_service
  * template[/etc/default/chef-client] action create
    - create new file /etc/default/chef-client
    - update content in file /etc/default/chef-client from none to 27f1d4
    --- /etc/default/chef-client	2019-06-07 22:50:37.702974499 +0000
    +++ /etc/default/.chef-chef-client20190607-75-zc8pql	2019-06-07 22:50:37.702974499 +0000
    @@ -1 +1,4 @@
    - change mode from '' to '0644'
  * directory[/etc/systemd/system] action create (up to date)
  * systemd_unit[chef-client.service] action create
  Recipe: <Dynamically Defined Resource>
    * file[/etc/systemd/system/chef-client.service] action create

      Error executing action `create` on resource 'file[/etc/systemd/system/chef-client.service]'

      Proposed content for /etc/systemd/system/chef-client.service failed verification :systemd_unit (Chef::Resource::File::Verification::SystemdUnit)

      Compiled Resource:
      # Declared in

      file("/etc/systemd/system/chef-client.service") do
        action [:create]
        default_guard_interpreter :default
        owner "root"
        group "root"
        content "[Unit]\nDescription = Chef Client daemon\nAfter = auditd.service\n\n[Service]\nType = simple\nEnvironmentFile = /etc/default/chef-client\nExecStart = /usr/bin/chef-client -c $CONFIG -i $INTERVAL -s $SPLAY $OPTIONS\nExecReload = /bin/kill -HUP $MAINPID\nSuccessExitStatus = 3\nRestart = on-failure\n\n[Install]\nWantedBy =\n"
        path "/etc/systemd/system/chef-client.service"
        verifications [#<Chef::Resource::File::Verification:0x0000000006079850 @command_opts={}, @command=:systemd_unit, @block=nil, @parent_resource=<file[/etc/systemd/system/chef-client.service] @name: "/etc/systemd/system/chef-client.service" @before: nil @params: {} @provider: nil @allowed_actions: [:nothing, :create, :delete, :touch, :create_if_missing] @action: [:create] @updated: false @updated_by_last_action: false @source_line: nil @guard_interpreter: nil @default_guard_interpreter: :default @elapsed_time: 0 @owner: "root" @group: "root" @content: "[Unit]\nDescription = Chef Client daemon\nAfter = auditd.service\n\n[Service]\nType = simple\nEnvironmentFile = /etc/default/chef-client\nExecStart = /usr/bin/chef-client -c $CONFIG -i $INTERVAL -s $SPLAY $OPTIONS\nExecReload = /bin/kill -HUP $MAINPID\nSuccessExitStatus = 3\nRestart = on-failure\n\n[Install]\nWantedBy =\n" @path: "/etc/systemd/system/chef-client.service" @verifications: [...] @mode: "0644">>]
        mode "0644"

      System Info:
      ruby=ruby 2.5.5p157 (2019-03-15 revision 67260) [x86_64-linux]

I did try turning on debug level logging, but the above error report didn't change much.


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commented Jun 13, 2019

That will have nothing to do with edit_resource at all.

The systemd_unit property validation itself is fine with the argument.

What is failing is the file sub-resource has a file verifier to ensure the rendered file has sane content.

Offhand I'm not seeing a bug here unless there's something wrong with that file verifier.

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